Proud mother moment - my youngest child features in the 2015 John Lewis Back To School advert

I was very excited a few months ago when we were contacted by the company who filmed my three youngest for a Flash Liquid Gel ad last year to see if Grumpy (my youngest) would be happy to have another moment in the limelight for a Back to School ad for John Lewis.

children filming advert
Taken during filming for Flash Liquid Gel advert in 2014
We spent two days filming - one day in a house in South London and another at a huge John Lewis store at Westfield Stratford City near the Olympic park.

The first day Grumpy had waited for hours in the "green room" much of which had to be in almost silence as they filmed below us. He was not at his best by the time it was his turn sadly so was not as chatty as usual.

He loved the second day, behaved beautifully and seemed to get the hang of taking direction very quickly.  We celebrated the end of filming with a McDonald's happy meal for him and a milkshake for mummy - it was a very hot day!

child actor during filming for John Lewis Back to School advert
Taken during filming for John Lewis Back to School campaign.
Like the filming last year I felt this was a great life experience for him and he said he really enjoyed it. He even got to keep the outfit he was wearing including a fab little pair of Converse shoes which he is very proud of.

The final advert is now live on the John Lewis website in their Back to School section and as I am very proud I have shared it here for you - humour me and look out for him!

If there are any directors out there (Spielberg?) looking for cute and quirky child actors - I have a house full. And the youngest one will work for Happy Meals and Rainbow Dash toys!