WIN a World of Warriors Back to School bag set

It's hard I know to keep up with the latest toy/character/game/programme your children are obsessing about but thankfully one thing my son has been quite consistent in is his love of the World of Warriors collection.

This is not all good news. I am sure I am not alone in heaving a huge sigh when it sinks in that their latest "thing" involves collecting cards which you then find absolutely everywhere.

Many a time my neighbours will probably hear me shrieking "if you don't put these cards away I will put them in the bin." But I daren't as the card I found tucked behind the fish tank is probably the rarest one which trumps all other cards and binning it will lead to lifelong recriminations and a less careful choice of care home when I'm dribbling.

Anyway. World of Warriors is a nice collection from Mind Candy (the creators of the hugely successful Moshi Monsters) featuring an online combat strategy game, a Topps trading card game and a magazine giving fans all the information  they might need to know about the warriors available and game strategy. You can read all about them HERE.

Mind Candy World of Warriors lunchbag and rucksack

Now you can also treat your children to merchandise based on the game with an exciting new range of products available, including World of Warriors™ lunchboxes (RRP £8), snack pots (RRP £1), water bottles (RRP £4.99) and school bags (RRP £10). 
Mind Candy World of Warriors lunchbox
My son tried out the backpack and lunchbox - he went off to school in true warrior style. And it's not just appealing to boys-my daughter rather liked the look of it too so it might have to be a shared set.

I really liked the fact that the rucksack in particular is a great size - big enough to carry his school books and plimsolls etc around but not so big that he looks like a tortoise. Some rucksacks are so big they hang below the hips and rise above collar level and I worry about back strain!

The lunchbox was also a good size and insulated so lunch will be as fresh at lunchtime as it was when you packed it. Nice dark colours mean the stains don't show either - how do those bags get so grubby?

Now some good news. I've teamed up with Mind Candy to offer one of my readers the chance to win a World of Warriors backpack and lunchbox perfect for school or day trips. Entry is free and simple - just check out the widget below.

Win World of Warriors backpack and lunchbag