Choosing a catalogue and how to spread the cost.

I know I am not alone in turning to catalogues when the washing machine breaks down, the children need school uniform and I don't have time to go shopping or  just want some new pretty cushions without the hassle of touring the shops.

There are lots of different catalogues, some specialising in mature, plus sized or petite fashions, menswear or ladies shoes and of course there are those which are linked to High Street stores. Some are like a giant department store offering everything from football stadium tours to trendy T-shirts.

Lots of people use them to spread the cost of a larger purchase. I bought an oven once from one as it could be delivered the next day and I was able to pay for it interest free over the following three months.

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Catalogue shopping can be perfect if something vital breaks down irreparably just before payday and can be incredibly useful for people on a budget as there are so many options for paying off purchases.

One catalogue I have used in the past sold products from a well-known high street store so when five of my seven children needed new school shoes and I couldn't afford to pay for them in one go, I took them to the store, tried on the shoes to find the ones they liked and which fit and then took a note of the product ID number and ordered them online.

It meant I was able to buy them all slightly more expensive leather shoes, rather than the plastic supermarket versions I could afford to pay for upfront. Of course I had to pay interest but to me it was worth it to know they were wearing better quality shoes.

Catalogues can also be useful if you want to spread the cost of things for a new home for instance, or for when you are setting up your teen in their new university halls. You just have to be sure you can afford the cost of repaying your purchases.

Obviously it's best to find an interest-free deal or low interest and remember that interest payments can soon mount up if you only pay the minimum payment each month.

I chose my catalogue on the basis of a flyer which fell out of a parcel- in retrospect that was not too clever as interest rates can vary from catalogue to catalogue and some can be very high.

One site which helps consumers find the best deal and payment options for them is which compares dozens of catalogues including those selling clothes, electricals, home furnishings, furniture and appliances.

shop2day catalogue comparison service
They categorise into those which offer pay monthly, pay weekly and buy now pay later and offer advice to those with poor or no credit ratings as to how to be able to buy from catalogues and how to avoid being charged exceptionally high interest rates.

It's a very useful service which could save you a lot of money and features well known names such as Argos, Jacamo and Simply Be.

In an ideal world you would save up and pay up front for everything you need. But things break down, and life changes without notice sometimes, and for those times it is useful to have a back up plan. could help you make an informed decision about the best back up plan for you.

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