Sending a Disney Parcel of happy memories- a simple and swift process thanks to Parcel2Go

Recently I wrote about wanting to send a special parcel to my mum who lives in Cyprus. She lost her mother, my much-loved Granny, earlier this year and has obviously been missing her very much.

As I wrote in my original post Granny loved Disney and this summer I went with five of my children and my mum on a bit of a pilgrimage to Disneyland Paris where we rode the Dumbo ride in honour of Gran who would adored all the Disney characters but especially loved the old classics.

children at Disneyland Paris
Mum pictured with my 5 youngest children at Disneyland Paris.

The tune Baby of Mine was played at her funeral and my immediate family wore tiny Disney touches like Mickey Mouse earrings or Mickey socks and ties as part of our mourning outfits. I found a brightly coloured silk scarf featuring Mickey which I imagine Granny would have loved.

It was incredibly hard to hear the Dumbo tune played actually at Disneyland Paris - I don't think I'll ever be able to hear it again without crying.

Disneyland Paris castle at night

Anyway, despite the sad memories, Disney brought back some very happy ones and made a few new lovely memories so to cheer my Mum up I decided to send her a parcel of happy Disney memories via Parcel2Go.

I packed up some Minnie Mouse Pyjamas - with shorts and a strappy top as it rarely gets cold enough for "proper" pj's in Cyprus of course.

I enclosed a memory stick with over 100 photographs from our trip loaded on and a blank CD so Mum could create her own selection of pictures from the memory stick to show her friends.

I also popped in some Disney-themed chocolate hoping it would not melt in between reaching Cyprus and getting to my mum. My mum doesn't like milk chocolate but her husband really does and I couldn't send a parcel without including something for him too now could I?


The eagle eyed amongst you will also spot a long Union Jack-themed something amongst her goodies in the picture. Let me explain. Mum sings with a local choir, the Paphos Zingers, and they often perform themed concerts. I knew she had been looking for something with the British national flag on it for an upcoming concert. The thing you can see is a stylable clip in hair piece -can't wait to see that in her hair!

The process of booking a parcel to be delivered was straightforward. I entered my parcel's dimensions and weight and contents. I was then offered a number of options and carriers- apparently choices depending on the size and weight of parcel, and obviously where you want to send it, and how fast it needs to get there.

There are also options to have the parcel collected from your home or business, or for you to take it to a drop off/collection point.

I opted for the UPS Express service which certainly lived up to its name. It was collected from my home at about 6pm and was in my mum's hands by lunchtime the following day! Bit of a story behind that. As part of the booking process you can add a contact number for your recipient. (mum had already been sent an email to let her know a parcel was on its way.)

She received a call from the courier in Cyprus but she was not going to be home when he was able to deliver so he arranged to meet her in a department store car park in Paphos where she was out shopping to hand over her precious parcel. What awesome service!

Cypriot delivery man
Cypriot delivery man. Check out that sunshine!
She loved receiving her parcel and really enjoyed unpacking it and seeing all her little treats. Email and FaceTime is all very well but nothing beats the thrill of getting an actual letter or parcel making your day extra special.

The service I selected was not cheap (just over £50 including insurance) but as I said it arrived in record time - less than 24 hours. Other cheaper options are available which take a little longer. Its very handy to know however that if I really needed to get something to mum super-fast, I can.

To be honest though the excitement she got from anticipating her parcel and the joy she seemed to get from receiving it made the whole project priceless.

grandma opening parcel from parcel2go
My mum -happy opening her parcel.

Disclaimer: Parcel2go covered the cost of sending my Disney Parcel to Cyprus for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.