Tummy friendly a2 British milk - now in new convenient long life format.

I have written several times before about a2 British milk which many people find easier to digest than "regular" milk and today I am sharing the fact that the product is now available in a convenient long life format.

I learned about a2 almost two years ago now and was fascinated that breeding cows which produce milk with a slightly different protein could make so much difference to those who find milk leaves them bloated, nauseated or with a dodgy tummy. I'm talking about people with an intolerance rather than a diagnosed allergy.

You can read more about the milk and what makes it special, while still being just milk with no additives, here.

My teenaged son was nervous about trying a2 milk after confessing to me he had given up eating cereal with milk for breakfast as it left him unable to move too far from the toilet as the milk I had been buying worked his way through his system rather too quickly if you know what I mean!

He doesn't live at home now - he's at university and I believe the new long life option will be particularly good for people like him who maybe don't buy milk daily but like to have some in for when they do need it.

Only recently my other son who doesn't live at home any more offered me coffee but realised he had no milk - I had to nip to the late night supermarket before I could have a cuppa. Long life milk is perfect for this sort of situation.

Of course in my house I've often thought we should just get a cow in the garden as we drink so much milk - I buy literally gallons of it every week.

However when we go camping I buy long life milk to take as it does not need refrigerating until it's opened.  I also like to have some in for when we return late at night from a few days away - nothing worse than realising the milk you left in the fridge has gone off and the children want their morning cereal.

I was sent the new a2 long life in 1 litre cartons in semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties and couldn't taste any difference from my usual fresh milk.

I took one carton along to a church coffee morning and no-one commented that their cuppa tasted any different so you don't have to worry on that score.

Basically it's just tummy friendly milk in a convenient form - get some in and never get caught without milk again! You can buy a2 long life at Ocado and learn more about the fresh and long life versions here.

Disclaimer: I received a goody bag containing a2 long life milk free for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.