Don't panic about those "Oooops!" moments- there's a new lighter way to feel fresh with TENA. #oooopsmoments

I was so excited when we got the children one of those enormous trampolines. I practically barged the little loves out of the way hoping to recreate my moves from years (OK, decades) ago when I was quite adept at gymnastics club.

Seconds into my routine I realised that not only did the trampoline make me feel a bit weak at the knees (and not in a good way) but that it made me feel a bit weak in the bladder area too. Ooops!!

I wisely skipped the somersault part of the performance and quickly hopped off, hoping I was facing a drippage situation more than a flowing full on dam-break leakage.

Turns out the combination of 7 separate pregnancies and a regretful failure to heed my midwife's warnings about pelvic floor exercises have taken their toll on my lower regions and I now have the continence of a potty-training toddler. Inevitably I have the occasional "oooops moment!"

At least I know i am not alone in this - apparently light bladder weakness affects 1 in 2 women in the UK.

It's not just bouncing on a trampoline which starts the showers either - if only as that would at least be something I could easily avoid.

Laughing, coughing and sneezing. All of these can trigger rising damp in the knicker area. Not great especially when I have a wonderful group of friends who regularly make me cackle like a witch. I offer the picture below as evidence. No, it wasn't Halloween. I have no idea why my friend had the mask on.

Now. I'm going to get a bit explicit now. You have been warned!

The initial leakage isn't too bad. Some have compared the sensation to how your lower regions feel when you sit on a heated car seat.

Sadly urine not only goes cold quickly but it also can pong a bit. And, lets be honest, damp underwear is uncomfortable and can lead to chafing. Also, unless you are rocking the whole "mad cat lady" vibe complete with wild hair, stained housecoat and a collection of scabby cats in your handbag, the scent of Eau de Urine is just Ewww!

Frankly I am still too young to be pottering around wafting tones of lavender and wee so decided to investigate my options. I'm not quite ready for full-on adult nappies just yet - it would just be nice to have a safety net for my own "oooops" moments when a few spots sneak out from my poor battered bladder.

Option one- carry spare underwear and wipes and a nappy bag for transporting my knickers after any "accidents." Hmm -I'm back to feeling like a potty training toddler.

Option two, some form of in-underwear protection to make sure I stay dry and fresh even through a laughter-filled coffee morning ( or gin-soaked evening) with my pals.

I like the look of Lights by TENA, designed for women of all ages who experience occasional little "oooops!" moments.  Check out the video to see when other women experienced their "oooops!" moments.

I can identify very much with the pregnant lady in the film - that's when my occasional leaks first started. Chatting to friends I discovered this is quite common.

The products in the Lights by TENA range have been specifically designed for women experiencing occasional light bladder weakness.

Each product has a QuickDry top sheet and FeelFreshTM technlology that locks in moisture and controls odour, providing higher performance than regular liners which means you'll stay protected for longer, offering you the ultimate protection against unexpected little leaks.

There's a variety of sizes and absorption levels and products which come wrapped individually so you can pop a couple of liners in your handbag, just like you would with liners for monthly sanitary protection.

At the moment you can get free samples of Lights from TENA  so you can check them out for yourself. The website is very informative giving lots of facts and busting some myths and misunderstandings about light leakage. Theres even a section with top tips for pelvic floor fitness and details about an app with lots of expert advice and support to help you tone up down there.

I might have to admit that my midwife was right about those pelvic floor exercises and start making up for lost time now - in the meantime I can rely on a little light back up from TENA's FeelFresh technology.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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