Keeping my fluid levels up with my warm winter cocktail created using Robinsons cordial.

I love cocktails. Back many years ago (insert time-travel music here) during my carefree student days I would join my fellow journalism students for Happy Hour in a Cardiff cocktail bar where the stupidly cheap prices allowed us to become well acquainted with many different types of cocktail.

Unfortunately Happy Hour coincided with our Public Administration lectures so none of us managed more than a basic grasp of the subject. I can tell you what a Quango is but apart from that....

Anyway, my love of cocktails endured and even now I love nothing better than a fruity mix- although sometimes it has to be virgin as I just can't cope with a hangover on a work/school/any day now.

warm apple and blackcurrant mocktail

A couple of years ago I spent a happy evening inventing cocktails with my friend Jo. We covered the table with every alcohol, juice, liqueur and mixer we could find and just mixed combinations until we fell over found one we could mix easily and sell at a church fundraiser.

We found that simplicity is often the best course to create an easy to recreate drink so when I was invited to invent a tasty warming winter drink using the Robinsons range I decided to stick to that formula to create my new drink. I have created a cocktail and a mocktail version.

With a nod to my blog name I call it.....(drum roll please)

Mad Mug of (festive) Heaven.

You can omit the festive bit if you are drinking it in January obvs!

You will need 

  • One heatproof glass per person
  • One bottle of Robinsons Real Fruit Apple and Blackcurrant
  • Hot (just off the boil) water
  • One red apple
  • icing sugar
  • lemon juice
  • cinnamon powder.
party drink recipe - apples


Blend 2 tbsp icing sugar with 2 tsp cinnamon powder in a saucer or shallow bowl which your glass will fit into rim first.

Dip the rim of your glass in lemon juice then immediately into the sugar and cinnamon mix.  

In a jug mix 1 part Robinsons Real Fruit Apple and Blackcurrant to two parts hot water. Adjust to taste but a good strong mix is best.

Core and slice an apple thinly , leaving skin on. Drop a sliver into the glass then top up with your apple and blackcurrant mix. Tada! a quick and simple warming mocktail.

To make it a cocktail add a good splash of brandy to the glass (to taste) before adding the hot apple and blackcurrant mix.

Robinsons apple and blackcurrant hot with brandy

Leave for a couple of minutes to infuse then drink - the warm liquid passes over the icing sugar and cinnamon rim creating a gorgeous wintery flavour which to me just smells and tastes like Christmas.

The great thing about this recipe is that it counts towards your recommended fluid intake. Did you know it is as important to keep well hydrated at this time of year as it is in the summer?

Apparently 53% of people surveyed by Robinsons earlier this year didn't realise this.

It's especially important to keep your fluid levels up if you have a cold or that awful winter tummy bug which does the rounds every year as dehydration can be deadly and can creep up on you quite quickly.

Shopping in hot stores and central heating in homes and workplaces can also cause dehydration so it's vital to keep drinking!

Since 62% of people in the same survey said they drink more hot drinks at this time of year Robinsons decided to create a selection of seasonal drinks to inspire us to drink more fluid and hopefully help keep us healthy during the winter months.

As well as copying my effort you can also find inspiration from Robinsons via their Twitter Account where tasty winter recipes will be posted regularly to inspire you.

How about Spiced Orange for starters? Another easy recipe to impress your guests or to enjoy as a cosy treat in front of the fire on a blustery day.


  • Pierce 4 slices of orange with 1 clove each
  • Place in a jug with 200ml Robinsons Orange and a good pinch of ground ginger
  • Make up to 800ml with warm water from the kettle
  • Leave for a few minutes to let the flavours infuse before serving.

hot spiced orange drink

This recipe serves four and takes just 5 minutes to prepare. It would make a great non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine at a party and smells divine!

Other recipes you could try include mulled apple and blackcurrant complete with cinnamon sticks for swirling or zingy mint and lemon - a refreshing cold party drink made with Robinsons Lemon, fresh mint, fresh lemon juice and ice cubes containing blueberries - an antioxidant superfood!

Alternatively you could do what I did and invent your own drink - it made a great activity for my children who were keen to help and definitely encouraged them to drink more as they tried lots of non-alcoholic combinations.

Let me know in my comments section below if you have any other great serving suggestions!

warm winter cocktail with Robinsonnon-alcoholic party drink

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.