Some last minute inspiration for Christmas food (it's OK to cheat a little!)

Waaaay back in July when the sun was blazing and everyone else was thinking about flip-flops and cool drinks a group of bloggers and journalists spent day after day inhaling particles from fake snow and quite a lot of yuletide-esque food and drink.

Christmas in July is a "thing" where we are invited by shops and brands to admire the latest designs in Christmas jumpers, compare mince pies, get a sneak peek at the toys our children are going to ask Santa for and taste glass after glass of fizz, wine,'s a tough job but I endure it for you dear reader.

There's still no real snow but the time has come to celebrate Christmas for real so I decided to show off my favourite photographs from the events I attended in the summer in the hope it will inspire you to explore beyond the sprout section of your local supermarket.

From Morrisons:

Morrisons party  food

On Christmas Day, breakfast on Eggs Benedict, enjoy a fine spread of continental meats instead of cold turkey sandwiches and pick up fresh luxurious seafood, ready-prepared canap├ęs and indulgent sweet treats.

Trained staff in store can help with any queries you have about buying produce from the butcher or fishmonger in store and will give you top tips on preparation and how to add the Wow! factor.

From Asda:

Asda Extra Special party food

Forget the ordinary - go Extra Special with some fabulous twists on seasonal favourites. I loved the garland sausage roll party centrepiece, and think combining up-to-date trends like sushi with classics like Coquille St Jaques will ensure everyone will find their favourite at your party.

When it comes to puds Asda's Christmas range is impressive with fresh and frozen choices making planning your party very simple.

Asda deserts

You could admit you took advantage of your favourite supermarket's ready prepared produce- or you could pretend you spent hours creating your showstopper yourself. Take this for instance: Asda's extra-special winter fruit stuffed ham with bacon and caramelised oranges.  Why would you spend hours creating this when you can just drop one into your trolley?

Asda Extra Special food

All of the big supermarkets will be offering their own special ranges at the moment so don't be a martyr this Christmas - cheat a little and leave time for you to be able to relax and enjoy the holiday as much as your guests.