Shocked by a nasty email- warning - a bit ranty!

I get hundreds of emails every day - some from friends, some as a result of having lots of children attending schools, clubs and classes, some relating to my work on varying committees and some related to my work as a blogger.

Lots get sent to my spam folder but since this system is not foolproof I regularly scroll quickly through to make sure I haven't missed anything important before deleting.

Today I spotted an email which shocked me. And I am not easily shocked. This is what was in my inbox:

Hi a*************,

I am sorry but I think I seen your partner
 on a dating website yesterday.

I advise you to check it on this site

This allows you to view social profiles
and hidden pictures from 60+ social networks
including dating sites just by entering an email address

Get the truth now
Adrian Smith

I have removed my email address and  the links but other than that, that is exactly how the message appeared.
How nasty is that? How low have you got to be to attempt to lure someone to your trashy website by using this kind of tactic?
Luckily I am very secure in my marriage and have absolutely no worries about my husband's fidelity. And to be honest he's only just mastered What's App so I'd be very surprised if I found he had managed to create a profile for a dating website.
In the interests of research I did click the link which led me to a "hurrah you might have won" pop-up over what looked like a survey of some sort.

I don't care about spam generally. It's am inevitable price to pay for having your email address plastered over the internet. But I do object to this kind of mean, insidious shit which I am sure has worried more than one vulnerable person who is less secure than me in their relationship.

I wish I could do more than hit  delete. I wish I could find the actual human who dreamed up this idea and tell them face to face what I think of them. 

Rant over.