Proud parent moments- when it's all worth it.

Y'know those dodgy signs you see in gift shops saying "mum's taxi"? Well I know I am not the only parent who smiles a wry grin wondering how many miles they clock up transporting children.

It's not just in the car - I walk up and down the road to the school and church so much it's a wonder there isn't an actual groove worn in the tarmac.

Of course this is part and parcel of being a parent nowadays. I actually don't want my children to do too many organised activities. I love to see them playing freely after school, at weekends or in the holidays with no timetable. I really believe they should have time to be free and learn how to occupy themselves.
children in tree

Having said that because I have so many children even a couple of activities each add up to a lot of ferrying -ballet, tap, musical theatre (all in one sessions), choir, sing club and Brownies plus a couple of youth clubs for my teen equals lots of my time spent driving, walking and waiting.

This week the pick up from Afonso School of Performing Arts was a little more exciting. DD#2 and DS#4 recently did an IDTA musical theatre exam and on Saturday their teacher Miss Alicia asked parents to come a little early to see them receive their certificates.

IDTA Musical Theatre presentation

IDTA Afonso School of Performing Arts

It turned out that the group my two perform with had earned honours in their exam with a mark of 91%!

The report from the examiner said their performance was of a standard suitable for public viewing and the author waxed lyrical about their enthusiasm and professionalism.

The children are now amateur members of IDTA and have badges and a certificate each. Best of all though was the chatter in the car on the way home when they discussed how much they love their dance and performing arts classes and how hard it was to decide which one was their favourite.

There are so many benefits to these kind of classes. They have been particularly good for my shy boy. He has grown in confidence, volunteered for a solo singing part in his school play which he would never have done before and he loves to shock girls in his school with the news that he loves ballet too.

They've made friends too - these next pictures show my two with one of them, a lovely lad who started at the same time as them.  The first is on the day of the exam, the next with the certificates they earned.
Children from Afonso School of Performing Arts

Children from Afonso School of Performing Arts with IDTA Musical Theatre certificates

Seeing them walk up for their prizes at the weekend filled my heart with joy-I could not have been more proud. It's times like that which make all the taxi-ing and waiting totally worth it!

If you live in mum's taxi range of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire I cannot recommend the Afonso School of Performing Arts enough! Run by two professional West End stars Ricardo and Alicia Afonso (I remember seeing Ricardo as the lead in We Will Rock You!) the school offers a variety of dance and performing arts classes suitable from tiny tots upwards.