Celebrate family life with a CEWE Photobook.

I am a recent convert to the idea of photo books but after seeing how touched my mum was by a CEWE book I made containing memories of our trip to Disneyland Paris I have become an enthusiastic fan.

They are an awesome way of preserving memories of really special occasions - weddings, dream holidays, baptisms, family parties, significant birthdays. However it hadn't occurred to me to create albums gathering together pictures from more ordinary times.

I take hundreds of photos, mainly with my trusty iPhone capturing everything from a pretty sunset, a tasty lunch and of course anything the children do which as their parent I deem "cute."

 These pictures get uploaded to the mysterious cloud only to be admired again if they appear as part of a "time hop" type feature on social media or via an app. The idea of making collections of everyday life really appealed - after all most of life is made up of ordinary moments.

The challenge from CEWE Photoworld was to make a memory book featuring pictures taken during the February half term but I got a bit carried away and included some of my favourite photos from the past few months too.

It's a simple process to create a book - I even managed it in the throes of proper 'flu although I cheated a little and enabled the 'fill all available space" feature.

I was still able to edit each page and could have added all sorts of bells and whistles including borders, frames and backgrounds. The helpful software even gives lots of options for page layout and you get to check each page before hitting the "order" button.

I made a joke of the fact that my 20-year-old never lets me take pictures of him using a frame and text on the cover of my book. Luckily my other 6 children are more than happy for me to record the passage of their lives through the medium of photographs!

When the book arrived a couple of days later I was still feeling ill but turning the pages of an actual book featuring snapshots of out family life really made me smile, and in some cases well up with pride and happiness.

My mum dropped hints that she would like the book but on this occasion I think I might have to keep it for myself. Although the events pictured are fresh in my memory now I know it won't be too long before looking back at the photographs will be nostalgic as they grow up and move on.

I ordered the large hardback book which cost just over £30 with post and packing. Prices start at under £20 and you can tinker with size, paper style and choose hard or soft back covers to get a price to suit you.  (there's often also special offer codes on the site too!)

Even though most of the pictures were snapped with a phone I was delighted with the quality. The software warned me about just one photo it felt would not be of sufficient quality to include. That's a very handy aspect of the software.

With Easter coming up it might be nice to bear this in mind as an Easter gift, or as a great way to hold on to your memories for years to come. There are even Easter themes you can use when you create your own book. (and a free delivery offer for products ordered in March on the site at the moment.)

Or you could keep it simple like me creating a beautiful coffee table book filled with family memories.

Disclaimer: I received a £30 credit to create a CEWE photobook for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.