Happy Easter! First fire #MySundayPhoto

Christian First Fire at Easter

This is the "first fire" which is lit (at our church and many others) at dawn on Easter Sunday. 

We light our Pascal candle from the fire, then we all light little candles from the Pascal candle and bring the light back into the church which has been dark and undecorated since Good Friday. 

We arrived at church at 6am (which felt really early with the clock change) for a beautiful service followed by bacon sarnies, hot drinks, croissants and some fizz.

The fizz is because it's a very holy day for Christians. Today we celebrate our belief that Jesus rose from the dead. We eat a lot of chocolate eggs too!

Whatever you believe (or don't!) I wish you a very Happy Easter!



  1. Wow, yes that would feel early! At least you had a lovely breakfast provided. What a joyous day, Happy Easter!
    (sorry, I had to remove previous comment, auto correct made it seem senseless x)

  2. Great photo, and story.

    Happy Easter

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Ooo 6am start!! Looks nice and toasty though. Happy Easter to you.

  4. Hope you have a very lovely Easter x

  5. A great fire to celebrate the occasion. Happy Easter to you all

    1. It was my husband's fire pit so we are now calling it the holy fire pit!


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  7. Its so cold here today and I wish I have something like this right about now! #mysundayphoto

    1. It was nice but was a bit worried about the vicar's cassock catching fire!


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