Monty Bojangles Curiously Moreish Easter Eggs #review

Monty Bojangles. I really hope that's an actual name. I wish I hadn't finished having children as I would totally name my next child Monty Bojangles. Or maybe my next cat.

Just say it - let the name roll across your tongue. It sounds like you should be talking about a soul singer or naming a Burlesque club instead of a (fictional) chocolatier.

Easter Eggs Monty Bojangles

I was sent four of the newly released gloriously jewel-coloured Monty Bojangles Truffle Easter Eggs with instructions to treat my children to an egg hunt using them. "That sounds fun" I thought until I examined closer the actual eggs and realised that I think I might be keener to part with my first born than hand over any of these eggs to my children.

Seriously there is no way I was giving up the Flutter Scotch flavour easily. It's got butterscotch and sea salt cocoa dusted chocolate truffles in the box along with the creamy milk chocolate egg.

It was difficult to imagine my husband wanting to share the Scrumple Nutty variety complete with hazelnuts which only left the Berry Bubbly (raspberry with popping candy truffles with that egg) and the Choccy Scoffy egg and truffles - difficult to divide between 6 children.....

The only fair thing to do was to hold an Easter Egg hunt. Image if you will the scene. Overexcited children.  Slightly crazed adults. Four Monty Bojangles eggs and a selection of lesser chocolate-based treats.

It was like The Hunger Games.

I had hidden the eggs in the front garden which was a mistake as it gave the neighbours a perfect view of a family at war. Long story short - I got my Flutter Scotch but it  may have involved some shoving and some tripping and some actual bribery of the small child who actually found it. (Totally worth it.)
Monty bojangles Easter egg

Let me move away from the less than pretty tableau of our hunt and tell you more about the complete range of Monty Bojangles eggs. Here's the official lowdown on these fabulous eggs:

"Discover a world of flavours with the NEW Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures Easter Egg, made with creamy milk chocolate selected for its prominent caramel notes. The Taste Adventures Egg includes eight individually flow-wrapped Choccy ScoffyOrange AngelicalScrumple NuttyBerry BubblyCookie Moon and Fluttter Scotch truffles each dusted in the finest cocoa. 

 Monty Bojangles has Easter Egg hunts sorted this year with the scrummy Truffle Eggs Collection.  Choose either Choccy ScoffyFlutter ScotchBerry Bubbly or Scrumple Nutty flavours and hide around the garden for a truly delicious taste journey. Each Creamy Milk Chocolate egg is accompanied with a bundle of curiously moreish cocoa dusted truffles."

Monty Bojangles eggs

Monty Bojangles easter eggs

I briefly mentioned the packaging which I think is gorgeous - Monty Bojangles has previously won design awards for their packaging and they don't disappoint with the way the eggs are presented.

Once you've ripped into the packaging the chocolate egg is a treat too - much nicer than some brands who seem to skimp on quality when it comes to their eggs. As for the truffles - curiously moreish just like it says on the box!

Monty Bojangles easter eggs

Disclaimer: I was sent four Monty Bojangles Easter Eggs for the purposes of this review.Views and opinions remain honest and (like the flutter scotch egg) my own.