Perfect Fish Finger Sandwich

It's cold outside. I've slaved at the computer all morning. I have a crick in my neck, a chill up my back and I am STARVING!!!

Nothing in the fridge appeals and I really shouldn't eat crisps or cereal for lunch again. I peer into the freezer......and spot a box of fish fingers.

Not very exciting I hear you say, but take those breaded fingers of fishiness and place them between fluffy white bread and I challenge you to find anything more satisfying on a gloomy day.

fish finger sandwich #recipe

I won't insult you by calling this a recipe but here's my view on what makes the perfect fish finger sandwich.

Any white bread - today I used tiger bread which I had left over from yesterday's tea. Mayo, tartare sauce, salad items of your choice.

fish finger sandwich

I spread one slice of bread with tartare sauce, apply a generous layer of mayo to the other slice of bread then load our sarnies with crispy iceberg lettuce and tomatoes and top with oven-cooked 100% fish fillet fishfingers.

Squish and eat!

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