Pick up or download your FREE copy of Zookeeper Zoe - a fun eye check story book from Boots UK

It's so difficult to decide whether a young child is having sight problems or not. You have a dilemma - do you take them for an eye test or take a wait and see approach (no pun intended!)

Two of my seven children do wear glasses and I thought another two might need them but tests revealed they had great vision. The other three have never shown any signs of needing support with their eyesight.

Because my older children had no issues I waited quite a while before taking the younger ones to the optician. 

Even though children get free eye tests and free glasses up to a certain value fitting in yet another appointment seemed like a hassle. Also, to be honest, I mistakenly thought good or bad sight ran in families and both my husband and I only started wearing glasses later in life.

If only I had been able to give them a pre-test at home I might have taken my glasses-wearing children to the optician sooner......

Well if you are hesitating too I have some good news.

This week Boots Opticians released a free, fun eye check storybook called Zookeeper Zoe which you can pick up in Boots UK stores, Boots Opticians stores and is available online or via a free app.

Did you know that up to 80 percent of what a child learns is through their sight? 

This innovative (and interesting) book, developed with the National Literacy Trust, contains a range of interactive eye check activities to help parents and carers understand if their child might need support with their vision, so nothing holds them back. 

The book is also designed to remind families that all children should have a regular eye health check as research shows 53% of children have never had their eyes checked. 

My younger children got a sneak peak at the book at a lovely zoo-themed party before it was released on Wednesday this week. They really enjoyed the story, the pictures and the eye tests- Grumpy keeps asking me to re-test his eyesight!

I recommended the book to my friends but even this morning in our local Boots store there were only two copies left on display so be quick if you want an actual book. Don't forget though that you  can download the book via the app or read online.

Disclaimer: My children attended a lovely party to launch the book. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.