Something different for Easter instead of sweets -toys under £10 from Asda.

I have an unusual problem at Easter - my 11 year-old son hates, I mean properly hates chocolate and is not very keen on sweets generally. I know. He's a bit odd.

He used to quite like marshmallows, apart from when they are in any form of Easter-related shape. And he didn't mind those chewy sticks but after 11 years he now would rather not have sweets at all.

And although as a Christian I know how important Easter is as a celebration I don't want to get into the habit of buying expensive toys and turning it into Christmas in springtime.

Luckily Asda once again has come to my rescue with an extremely attractively priced range of toys (loads under £10!) which meant I could choose something Easter-egg priced for him as an alternative to a chocolate egg.

Asda light swords £3 each

Check out these Zuru light swords - priced at just £3 each and the boys have had so much fun playing with these, especially when it starts to get dark when they can "fight" with the lights making a real spectacle in the gloom.

My daughter was not particularly interested in the swords but was delighted by the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle slumber set (£6.97) complete with a poseable doll with her own laptop.

My Little Pony playset from Asda

She's always loved tiny toys and this is perfect with quite an array of little accessories in each package. Perfect for taking on Easter holidays or for table play if you are planning an Easter meal out.

I had a bit of a nostalgic moment when I realised that you can buy the newly released Teletubbies plush toys at Asda now. My (now) 20 year old adored the Teletubbies. The series came out when he was tiny and I remember many happy hours watching with him.

 I saved every spare penny to buy him a talking Po plush (I think I paid about £25 for it which was a lot out of our budget at the time) and we kept it for years after he had outgrown it.

Asda Teletubbies £9.97

I could not resist getting one of the new talking Teletubbies for Grumpy. I thought he might be too old for it but there's something about those little characters that obviously appeals as it has become his new favourite bedtime cuddly. Along with his light-up sword of course!

The 2016 version is just £9.97 and says a variety of phrases including "big hug" which Grumpy responds to every time while grumbling how demanding Teletubbies are!

Teletubbies and Zuru Light Swords from Asda

Asda has a huge range of toys as well as Easter eggs and other Easter treats so check out the range online or at your nearest store and you should be able to find something to suit everyone, even weird chocolate hating folk!

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of toys from Asda's range for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own. 

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