What's On at Dreamland Margate in 2016 -opening for the season this Easter weekend.

I last visited Margate more than 20 years ago with the man who was to become my husband. It has been something of a joke between us all these years that he took his previous girlfriends to Paris - and I got to go to Margate!

I do tease him about this but actually I look back on our short break there with real joy. He had spent childhood holidays there and it was wonderful he wanted to share the place he had happy memories of with me.

I don't actually remember much about the resort but I do remember him taking me to Dreamland! Mainly because he took me on the wooden rollercoaster and I was terrified! We had a fantastic time in the park so I was very excited to be invited to bring our children to Dreamland  to experience a classic British seaside experience. More on that later.

For now I wanted to share with you  some exciting news about what's new and exciting a in 2016 t Dreamland Margate which opens tomorrow for the season!! (Friday March 25)

Visitors to the park this weekend will be first to see that Dreamland Margate has added o its beautiful, vintage collection of rides by announcing the introduction of an exciting new one arriving this week!
Launching at Friday’s "Hoist The Main Sail" family event is the world-famous, hugely popular Enterprise.

Enterprise ride at Dreamland Margate

Many Dreamland fans will remember just how popular this ride was during the Bembom Brothers’ rein in the 1980s and 1990s, when a similar, same-name ride operated in the park. 

Well, now it’s back! Named after the USS Enterprise from the famous sci-fi TV series, Star Trek (one of my faves) it duly promises an out of this world experience. 
The Enterprise features gondolas that seat two people each. With a circular design, using a slight amount of centrifugal force, a hydraulically powered arm raises and tilts the frame to rotate at 87°, transforming it from a horizontal experience to a near vertical one.

Fancy some more vintage fun?  Well then, let’s twist again like we did last summer...on the Twister. 

The Twister is a 1950s iconic and enduring fairground scream machine, resplendent in all its post-war glory. Jump on, drop the bar and remember to choose your co-pilot carefully, because someone always ends up squidged against the side. Me usually. It's like the children think I am well padded....

Also returning from last year's season -The Top Spin is back. This 18 metre tall, 40-seat 1990s ride is a thrilling addition to the Dreamland line up. It will whizz you round, spin you in circles and turn you upside down. Ride it if you dare!

Finally, the return of the 1950s rip-roaring Barrel of Laughs Rotor will get you spinning around once more. Rotating until you stick to the drum wall and the floor suddenly drops from your feet, this ride is certainly not for the faint-hearted.  

I will have the opportunity to check out all of these amazing attractions this weekend when I visit with my five youngest children A full review with pictures will follow!

However the last time I went on a Barrel of Laughs type ride I was 19. I think I'll leave this one for the teens this weekend while I explore the calmer rides and some of the many tempting food outlets in the park. I understand you can even book a traditional English Afternoon Tea via the Dreamland website now - it looks delicious!

For a full ride line up at Dreamland, visit: http://www.dreamland.co.uk/rides-and-attractions/rides 

Hoist The Main Sail event is included with a standard park entrance ticket. (Book in advance online now and save money) 

Thanet residents will receive an “on the day” discount on presentation of photo ID and proof of address. (Adult - £13.95, Child - £11.95). For more info on ticket prices, visit https://www.dreamland.co.uk/prices Dreamland Members go free.