Breadmaker Chilli Olive Bread

If I had to pick which of my many kitchen gadgets was my favourite, my trusty bread maker would definitely be in the shortlist, if not at number one for the simple reason it allows me to be a slightly smug hostess with very little effort!

Apart from the taste of freshly made bread the aroma of it baking lingers so as your guests arrive they are greeted by it - estate agents have utilised this to make homes seem welcoming and well, homely.

I am famous for my focaccia (which I make using the dough setting and finish by hand) and my dough balls with vampire strength garlic butter are my friends favourites and one of the most visited recipes on my site.

Today I fancied a change. I had invited some friends to lunch and know that one friend in particular loves olives. I knew I had a pack of olives somewhere. Sure enough a rummage in the fridge unearthed black stoned olives  - with chilli.

Hmm. Not what I had envisaged but I decided to go with it and added some dried chilli flakes for good measure.

The resulting loaf was very tasty with moist olives and colourful red chilli flakes giving a mild but distinct "zing" with every mouthful.

I do mean mild - even my daughter who hates food with any heat ate a couple of slices - we served it with a layer of roasted garlic butter fresh from the specialist garlic farm on the Isle of Wight where my friend has just been on holiday.

We ate it alongside rigatoni with broccoli and sausage ragu but it would be lovely just served with an olive oil dip - maybe even chilli oil if you love chillis!

(makes a 2lb loaf)

1 cup water, tepid
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
3 cups white bread flour
1 tsp yeast

700g olives with chilli (stones removed)
1 tsp dried chilli flakes.


Place the first five ingredients in your bread maker pan in the order listed.

Select programme for 2lb basic white loaf (I chose medium crust).

If your bread maker has a compartment for ingredients to add themselves partway through cycle, put olives and chilli flakes in it.

Otherwise wait for the beep signifying extra ingredients can be added or wait about 15 minutes to add chilli and olives to ensure they don't get too chopped.

You can add them at the beginning but they will be almost obliterated by the mixing process so you will get the flavour but no visible olive pieces.

When programme ends, turn loaf out onto cooling tray for ten minutes then serve!