Lactose free creamy garlic chicken and mushroom bake.#recipe

Creamy chicken and mushroom bake is one of our family favourites. It's a luxurious treat with quite a lot of cream coating chunks of chicken breast and mushrooms.

creamy chicken and mushroom bake lactose free

I've served it for supper with friends and it makes a nice change from a Sunday roast but my lactose intolerant son has never been able to eat it.

He's home from university at the moment so when I spotted lactose free cream in the supermarket I decided to make the dish with a separate lactose free version for him on the side.

The recipe is ultra-simple with very few ingredients. It tastes like it has more - this sounds odd but you'll see what I mean if you make it. I first ate it at a friends and was convinced it must have bacon and wine in it but no - just garlic, chicken, mushrooms and cream.

The cream is added last so I was able to  prepare most of the dish altogether dividing the mix into two  oven-proof dishes before adding the "normal" cream to the bigger dish and Arla lactose free cream to the smaller portion for my son.

We've not used lactose free cream before. It claims to be fine for whipping, pouring or cooking. It looked and tasted like cream and the cooked chicken bake looked identical to the one with standard double cream

lactose free recipe

My son really enjoyed his meal but the true test would take a few hours......hours passed.....Hurrah! No side effects!

The lactose free cream is more expensive than standard cream but worth the extra pennies for our family to be able to enjoy a lovely meal together.

I served the bake with rosemary skin-on roast potatoes - it's also nice with mash or vegetables of your choice.


(serves4-6 plus 1 lactose intolerant guest)

500ml double cream/125 ml Arla lactose free cream

One chicken breast per person

300g mushrooms - variety of your choice. Cut larger varieties in half. Button mushrooms can go straight in. I used chestnut mushrooms.

1 or 2 garlic cloves depending on taste.

salt and pepper to season


Heat pan adding 1 tbsp oil if it's not non stick. Brown chicken and garlic until outside of chicken is mostly white. I sometimes use breasts whole but if cooking for more people will cut chicken into large chunks.

Add mushrooms and fry for 2/3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper .

Transfer mix into oven proof dish(es) and cover with cream until most of mix is submerged.

Cover with lid or foil and oven bake at 160C (fan) 180C, 350F GAs mark 4 for at least an hour. You can stir at this point and leave for another hour if it suits your timetable!  I put my part cooked potatoes in oil with rosemary sprigs  in the same oven for an hour and the meal is then ready to serve at the same time.

Top tip - place a baking tray or oven liner on the bottom of your oven as cream can occasionally bubble over and make a bit of a mess!

lactose free cream chicken and mushroom bake

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I chose to mention Arla as I was so impressed with the cream.

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