Perfect Presents for a hard working Mum.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any random Tuesday, you should always be looking to get your mother or other important women in your life a really great gift to say "thanks" for all I do she does.

mum cooking

Chances are she will work tirelessly to make sure there’s food on the table, the house is clean, you’re ready for work/school, as well as be there for when you start complaining about being tired and stressed. 

Maybe it’s about time you showed some appreciation and splashed some cash and now with internet shopping you don’t even have to spend hours in those strangely perfumed shops on the high street that actually sound like restaurants (you know the one I mean).

So without further ado, here are some great gifts across a wide price range for the most special women in your life.

Friendship Light
These are delightful and not that expensive, either. At just over a tenner these multi-coloured, hand-blown glass candle holders make excellent presents. You can find them on Amazon or in candle shops up and down the country. They are perfect for long summer nights in the garden where your mum can put her feet up and sip on a nice gin and tonic.

candle gifts

Spa Days
It’s a classic gift idea, but one that will always be a safe bet. Your mum or wife will really thank you when you gift her (and maybe a mum friend of hers…) a day out to the spa where they can be pampered for as long as possible. 

mum in Spa

She’ll forget about the lunches she needs to pack or the rugby boots she needs to scrub as she soaks her feet and gets massaged by a chiselled fella called Juan. Plus, spa days come in all shapes and sizes and so it doesn’t mean they have to cost the Earth.

Diamond Ring
Now before you tell me to shut up, hear me out. Diamonds are very expensive and maybe a little pointless in the grand scheme of life, however what if I told you that there are companies like Heart in Diamond that will make you a diamond ring from hair that your provide them. That’s right, you could trim your children’s hair and hand it over to them where they will forge you a diamond ring that will last until the sands of time run out. A beautiful and poetic idea, that is certain to get you major brownie points!

House Work
No, I don’t mean buy her a fancy mop! If you can’t afford much right now, offer to do an entire week of house work or cook all the meals for her. 

teen cooking
It’s a free alternative and it will show her how much you really care and give her a well-deserved break. Although, having said this, you should already be pulling your weight around the house when it comes to chores…

There you go; a small selection of ideas on what to get me your wonderful mum the next time you’re feeling generous.

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with advertisers.