Thai treat -Chang beer celebrates 21 years with a cool new look.

Chatting to a friend about his travels  recently one thing he remembered clearly was arriving in Thailand and, straight off the 'plane, enjoying his first ever cool bottle of Chang beer.

Chang beer launched in 1995 and as well as being a top seller in Asian countries is popular all over the globe including here in the UK where they are the official partner of Everton FC.

Co-inciding with the 21st anniversary of the brand the bottle design has had a complete makeover. The amber glass has gone to be replaced by green with a new long necked shape. Sadly you can't buy it with lights in - that was just for the party!

OK so it looks good but how does it taste?

Well I have a confession. I haven't drunk beer since I was at university which is a VERY long time ago. It's probably psychological but the very smell of lager normally reminds me of times when I, shall we say, overdid things beer-wise.

But with a fab atmosphere and amazing Thai food at the bottle launch party last week I felt it only polite to at least sip at my bottle of Chang - and then realised with delight I actually really liked the taste.

It's not too gassy and is very tasty and refreshing. As the advertising bumf says, Chang is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink.

My plus one for the night, my friend Gemma also admitted she normally wouldn't drink beer but also enjoyed the lager beer. It certainly seemed to be going down well with the guests, most of whom were much younger and cooler than me.

Which is good news for Chang as they are hoping the new bottle design and "refreshingly Thai" flavour will appeal to a new young, modern and cool audience as well as keeping their original fans like my friend who first tasted the original brew on his first day on his travels in the beer's county of origin - lucky man!

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