Chubby Puppies - an instant hit with my animal loving daughter.

Who could resist a toy called Chubby Puppies (and friends)? Not my daughter it seems who literally squealed with delight when a package arrived containing a chubby Labrador puppy with an assortment of accessories.
Chubby Puppies and Friends Fashion Set

Chubby Puppies Labrador

 Her thrill levels went through the roof when she realised her new plastic pet could walk- well waddle actually.  You can watch videos of the Chubby Puppies in action here.

Chubby Puppies

My daughter named her Chubby Puppy "Princess", adorned it with a crown and skirt and played for hours with it in the box it came in which is decorated as a palace room.

Chubby Puppies Labrador fashion set

You may be as in the dark as I was about Chubby Puppies and Friends (made by SpinMaster) before asking my daughter to thoroughly road test one for this review.

Here's the official blurb:

"Chubby Puppies are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cuteness you'll fall for! Each Chubby Puppy is unique and waddles and hops in its own adorable way. Customize their legs for even funnier walks and hops! 

These fumbling, tumbling puppies love to impress with their cute fashion accessories. The Beagle comes with a mermaid tail he loves to wear. It's a cuteness overload! 

Collect the French Bulldog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Springer Spaniel and more for a true Chubby Puppies waddle party! Bring home the undeniable cuteness of Chubby Puppies and adopt your Beagle for playtime today!"

Undeniable cuteness is spot on. I kind of want a Beagle Mermaid for myself if I am honest!

My daughter's "Fashion Set" box contained the waddling Labrador, bow and glasses headband, bow outfit, crown, princess outfit, mirror accessory, pet carrier and an instruction sheet.

Chubby Puppies Labrador in pet carrier

She found most of the accessories easy to put on but struggled a bit with the crown and the glasses. She managed it on her own though - she's just turned 10 so smaller children might need help.

The toy is suitable for children aged 4+ and parents can find out lots about the toys from the website or on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

There is what I feel is a "stating the obvious" warning to make sure hair is kept well away from the Chubby Puppies legs as obviously it could become entangled. My daughter has extremely long hair but had no issues. It's just common sense really - you would be careful with a wheeled toy or any toy with moving parts but I'm mentioning it because they do.

You can buy a variety of playsets as well as the fashion sets. The Friends bit refers to two cats and a lop eared rabbit - again chubby and very cute!

Prices range from around £7-£35. You can buy them online - I spotted some great deals at The Entertainer where they were on offer at the time of writing this post.

My daughter loved playing with her Chubby Puppy but felt the toy would be most suitable for children aged around 5-8 years old. It gets a big thumbs up from us!

Chubby Puppies Labrador in pet carrier and glasses

Disclaimer: We received a Labrador Chubby Puppies and Friends Fashion Set free for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and our own.