Homemade "McDonald's style" sausage & egg breakfast muffin

My friend Jane often craves a fast food breakfast muffin. They are a great hangover cure or quick carb fix on busy mornings. As soon as she mentions it - I inevitably want one too. Lucky for her as she doesn't drive and I do so occasionally we give in to the craving and head off together to the bypass to our nearest McDonalds!

home made sausage and egg breakfast muffin

 My older children love them too so when I spotted a new product in my local Tesco-pork and herb breakfast patties- it inspired me to have a go at making my own (cheaper!) version.

pork and herb breakfast patties

It says "just add muffins" on the box which is a bit misleading as the box only contains patties so if you want to create what's on the front of the box you need to add cheese, eggs and hash browns too!

I picked up the box of 6 frozen pork and herb breakfast patties for £1.50, a packet of English muffins (reduced in price to 38p -hurrah) a pack of "plastic" burger cheese slices (£1) and eggs.

ingredients for making homemade McDonald's style sausage and egg muffin

You can grill or fry the patties - making an individual snack my son fried his on a cast iron griddle giving the patty an authentic chargrill stripe. I grilled mine along with the muffins for speed when making a batch for Saturday morning family brunch.

The fried eggs posed a problem - how to make them fit nicely onto muffins. I used a ring for the first one which took time then decided to fry the next three eggs together and cut them to fit. Much quicker!

I cooked the top of the eggs American style, flipping them over to fry the yolk briefly before tipping carefully onto a plate before piling it onto my breakfast stack.

My son customised his, adding griddled tomato and variety of sauces but we enjoyed ours with just muffin base, cheese, patty, egg, muffin top. I added ketchup to mine. Yum!

Obviously this is a treat - if you eat too many you will develop your own muffin top!

maddadof7 enjoying his brunch

They were a huge hit and everyone declared they tasted just like the McDonald's original. Perfect if you don't drive or don't live near a McDonald's. Now if only I could reproduce those hash browns.....

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