Shrug off those "Oooops! Moments" with lights by TENA. Mad swan boat optional.

I don't consider myself old. OK so I'm not going to see 40 again and 50 is not that far off but I am in no way on the scrapheap of life. I refuse to give in living my mad busy life just because of a few "Oooops! moments" so I am very thankful for lights by TENA.

Wondering what an "Oooops! moment" is? It's when you are laughing so much you wee a little bit. Or maybe when you join the kids on the trampoline and realise your bladder is really not happy with your wild bouncing. Or maybe when you start coughing or sneezing and realise you have damp knickers.  Oooops!

My friends are all bonkers so its the laughing that gets me every time- especially if I've had a glass of wine.
madmumof7 with friends

It's not ladylike to clutch your crotch and frankly crossing your legs like you did when you were six just doesn't hack it any more.

You could accept your little leaks as part of the circle of life (sorry - you have that song in your head now) but in my opinion it's much better to be prepared and have some lights by lights by TENA products handy so you can emulate the quirky woman in lights by TENA's fabulously quirky YouTube video, shrug and say *adopt dodgy French accent now* "C'est La Vie".

Now now. I can hear you tutting and declaring that only proper old people wear lights by TENA - you'd be wrong!

The lights by TENA range now comprehensively covers all ages and situations making products from light liners to discreet pants which is great as apparently light bladder weakness affects one in three of Britain's women!

I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant. My bladder was under so much pressure that I had to carry spare underwear around. But what do you do with the wet underwear you took off in the cramped toilet cubicle? sandwich bag in your handbag? Yuk!

So you are nodding along or grimacing at the horrible damp familiarity of all of this. What's the (discreet) answer?

The lights by TENA range has been specifically designed for women of all ages experiencing occasional light bladder weakness.

They look like normal liners but each product has a QuickDry top sheet and FeelFreshTM technlology that locks in moisture and controls odour, providing higher performance than regular liners which means you'll stay protected for longer, offering you the ultimate protection against unexpected little leaks.

There's a variety of sizes and absorption levels (some pads are as slim as a nail file!)  and products which come wrapped individually so you can pop a couple of liners in your handbag, just like you would with other liners and pads designed for "that" time of the month.

If you still aren't convinced, pop along to lights by TENA's website and order your free sample and see just what a difference lights by TENA could make to your life.

lights by TENA "c'est la vie" TV Advert

Then you can float in your giant swan (watch the video), shrug in a Gallic fashion and say: "C'est La Vie" to your leaky "Oooops!" moments.

I'm tempted to share my "fun pool, first date, swimming costume malfunction" story from my teen years but I think my friend's "period started whilst wearing a white skirt and sitting on an antique chair during a meeting with a Bishop" anecdote would beat that hands down. 

Do you have an Oooops! Moment to share with me?

I'd like to read other people's Oooops! moments. I just need to remember to wear a lights by TENA product while reading in case of any laughter-related accidents!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.