Do I have hairy toes? What's my most embarrassing memory? Find out here because I let Tots100 "Ask me Anything"

When am I going to learn? The mad bint Sally Whittle posts online that she's looking for bloggers for something that maybe embarrassing and every time, EVERY TIME! I put my virtual hand up and volunteer.

To be fair, Sally has a good sense of fun and some great ideas and I particularly loved taking part in a flashmob, dancing at the MAD Blog Awards. The picture shows me in the new dress I was given having my hair and makeup done for the event!

madmumof7 at MADBlog Awards

Most recently I signed up for AMA - Ask Me Anything. This involved being sent a list of questions and without peeking first, answering them on camera  for a YouTube video to be shared over the vast Tots100 network.

The questions arrived the day before my holiday so I quickly set up my blogging kit aided by my son Lucas. I opened the questions and the fun began. I sent the unedited video to Sian at Tots and then halfway through my holiday the film went live.

What can I say - once again I loved the experience. My blogging skills were not as terrible as I thought and Sian edited my rambling beautifully.

The moral of the story? If Sally asks you to volunteer for something - DO IT! It might be embarrassing but it's always fun.

Check out my AMA video here: