Quick Quorn Korma.

Although I am a keen carnivore I do occasionally use Quorn in  recipes - and not just for visiting vegetarians.

My son always chooses Quorn sausages over meat choices for his school lunches so I sometimes serve them at home too - we love the cocktail sized ones! I am serving Quorn meat-free Swedish style meatballs at my book club supper tonight and I have used Quorn mince to make a big 'ole family spag bol, happy in the knowledge that this easy twist on the Italian classic gives a healthy dose of protein with low saturated fats.

Challenged by Quorn to try something new I picked out Quorn Chicken Pieces which I have never used before. It looks like chicken but I wondered - does it taste like chicken? Would my children spot the swap? And would it work in their favourite Korma dish?

I picked the Quorn chicken pieces up in the chilled cabinet in my local supermarket - I was momentarily tempted by the Quorn peppered steak but I had already promised the children curry for tea.

Reading the packet I saw that you can pan fry, oven cook or microwave the chicken pieces making it as versatile as the meaty version.

The Quorn meat-free chicken pieces were a good size and did not shrink as I pan fried them for just 4 minutes before adding the children's favourite brand of Korma sauce. I left the sauce and Quorn chicken pieces bubbling as I microwaved rice - Bingo! A very quick Quorn Korma!

I decided not to tell the children I had replaced the "real" chicken with Quorn meat-free chicken pieces. They practically inhaled their dinner declaring it "yummy" and were pleasantly surprised when I revealed the secret ingredient.

So it seems my family agree that Quorn Chicken Pieces are tasty and healthy. They are not alone.

More than 1,000 people from across Britain were surveyed by Quorn, with a staggering 81% saying they would be prepared to switch to food ingredients that are high in protein and low in saturated fat, as long as they could continue to cook their loved ones’ favourite meals.

The research also revealed that 52% of those asked said healthier doesn’t mean less tasty, while 53% think using ingredients which are better for you does not mean the variety of dishes available is not as wide.

Peter Harrison, Marketing Director at Quorn Foods said: “It is great that people are switching to foods which are better for them, and for their families.

 “The stereotypical view used to be that you can’t have healthy, tasty food, but these figures now show that this is not the case, with the majority of respondents agreeing that nowadays you can have healthy food without compromising on taste. 

 “There has been much made of this country’s problems with obesity in recent times, so simple solutions to eat healthy forms of protein, such as Quorn Mince, in everyday family meals, are significant. 

 “Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, or dinner we offer delicious meat free alternatives to almost every recipe that can be thought of. 

 To view Quorn’s wide range of recipes and products, or for more information on healthy eating, go to quorn.co.uk/recipes

Disclaimer: I received a pack of Quorn Chicken Pieces free for the purposes of this honest review.