Sharing precious moments captured with my smartphone #WhatsYourX

I don't know where I would be without my smartphone. It's my mobile office, the most efficient way of communicating with my older children, a method of keeping in close contact with my family abroad and a camera which I always have with me for those "X moments."

We all have X moments - that split second in time that means something to you that’s here and then gone. It could be a baby’s first steps, achieving a personal goal, a sporting achievement, your dog’s whimsical expression, or just a random flash of happiness and hilarity. It’s a moment that you’d love to capture perfectly.

Sony have coined the phrase to celebrate the launch of their new Xperia X smartphone. and want the British public to join in the celebrations and share their own X moments.

Sony said “Using the #WhatsYourX hashtag we want to see as many brilliant X Moments shared across social media as possible, with the best ones being retweeted by our @SonyXperiaGB handle”.

bubble beard #WhatsYourX

There are so many of those X moments (like this bath time bubble makeover) which I would miss if I didn't have a decent phone with a good camera. 

Yes I have a DSLR but who wants to lug that about all the time in case of an unexpected photo opportunity? The moment would have passed before I got the thing out of the bag and taken the lens cap off. I ALWAYS have my phone with me.

So what are my favourite recent X Moments? When the children were presented with their dance exam certificates- out came the phone so that I could snap and share my pride on social media without having to find cables to upload pics from a traditional camera into my laptop.

tap exam presentation Sony Xperia X #WhatsYourX

When I walked into the room and saw our cat Oscar had made himself comfortable in a bit of tissue paper from a parcel from a blog client. Do you think he looks slightly embarrassed to have been caught?

cat sitting in tissue paper #WhatsYourX Sony Xperia X

There were so many X moments during our recent trip to visit my mum in Cyprus. Like this one where my husband lifted a watermelon in the supermarket to prove it was bigger than his head. I whipped out my smartphone and caught the moment.

dadof7 with watermelon #WhatsYourX

Then there was the time when my mum pretended to push my husband into the sea as we admired the view in Paphos harbour.

Paphos harbour Sony Xperia X X moments

This is a perfect example of an X moment. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my mum but even though she lives 2000 miles away I will smile every time I see this photo, remember the heat of the sun, the sound of the waves lapping on the rocks and the laughter when my husband realised what mum was doing behind him. 

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