Checking out Fab Lab Hair Flair from Interplay-fun with braids and hair extensions #review

My daughter has hair that Rapunzel might envy. Long (very long!), blonde and with highlights which look salon-created but are in fact natural. I am praying she keeps it like that for a while longer yet.

madmumof7 mummy blogger daughter with long hair

She manages her own hair styles generally, making pony tails for school, but more complicated styles I help with. Don't imagine I'll be making YouTube videos of fishtail braids and hats made from hair any day soon - my skills run to plaits, untidy ballet buns secured with about 1000 pins and pigtails with the occasional variation on a theme.

She's always liked pretty hair things but she's 10 years old now so whereas it was easy to buy hair clips with bunnies on and headbands with Hello Kitty motifs now she wants something a bit more grown up.

She was delighted when I showed her Fab Lab Hair Flair by Interplay which has everything you need to create multi-coloured faux hair extensions and funky braids.

FabLab Hair Flair review

There are 8 designs to make or of course you can design your own. The booklet in the box gave step by step instructions and it's well worth encouraging your Hair Flair fan to learn the basics before trying to move on to the more complicated designs.

Hair Flair by Interplay #review

My daughter tried to skip a step and got frustrated but after a short time practicing basic designs she soon got the hang of it. Before long she was making jazzy braids which simply clip in - they looked amazing in her long hair and quite cool in my very short crop too.

mummy blogger  and daughter wearing Hair Flair extensions

Her little brother (aged 8) enjoyed helping her and very much enjoyed wearing his braid with a feather on the end of it. He kept jumping off things like our garden bench so he could feel and watch his extended hair move.

Hair Flair retails at under £10 and the thing I liked most about it was that it works equally well as a solo activity or for a group of friends or siblings. I think it would be a great purchase for a birthday party activity. Its reusable too- my daughter has made different designs over and over using the bits in the box.

contents of Hair Flair box

The finished items are nice enough to wear out and about - much like the type you can have woven in on holiday but with the bonus that at the end of the day you can simply unclip them, ready for another day.

My (very independent)  daughter said:"Hair Flair is really good. I like that it lets you do whatever you want. You can use their ideas or you can do it your own way."

FabLab Hair Flair by Interplay

Disclaimer: We received Hair Flair by Interplay free for the purpose of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and our own.