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Just because you’re a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom/mum), doesn’t mean you can’t have high goals and achieve lots. I cannot believe how my life has turned out even though it's a long time since I left the traditional working world.

Thanks to the internet and the new technologies we now have, there are ways to do a lot of things from home (like blogging!) while still being able to see the children off to school in the morning, attend their school events and spend quality time with them.

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While you’re playing with your kids, you can also work and make money, start your own business and get an online masters in business administration degree. The latter is actually very easy to do.

Online Courses and How to Join Them

Online courses and masters programs are easy to find. Almost all top universities in the country now have online programs that you can join. They range from a full master’s degree program to research partnerships and professional courses. All of these programs can help you acquire new skills and improve your resume.

Let's focus more on how you can get a master’s degree online. You may not need an MBA degree as a mum, but being able to get one from the comfort of your house can do so much more than land you a better job.

Joining a program is very easy too. You can sign up for the course online, get familiar with the platform and start studying almost immediately. You still have to follow a predetermined academic calendar of the university, but other than that you’re free to manage your own time.

Interesting Courses to Join

I’ve mentioned about getting an MBA degree online. Washington State, for instance, offers a good course on business administration. You can choose from a wide variety of majors too. An MBA means you are acquiring business-related and managerial skills, perfect if you want to start your own business or you simply love the field.

Another interesting course to join is the online masters in communications. Whether you love to talk to people or you have a serious interest in advertising and PR, this is a fun program to enroll on. Getting a master’s degree in communications also means you can pursue careers that work well for moms, such as becoming a realtor (estate agent) or starting your own creative agency.

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Some Getting-Started Tips

Don’t wait. Browse through the available courses and find one that suits you best. While you take carry on with your daily life as a SAHM, you could also be studying for a master’s degree and achieving your lifelong dreams. 

Getting started is very easy to do. Here are some tips to help you: Firstly, find a major (in the US)  or a course that you really like. This will make studying and completing the course easy and fun. Don’t worry about business prospects and focus more on the process of getting the degree.

·       Getting an online degree means brushing up on your discipline, time management and other personal skills. Use the opportunity to also boost your level of confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes to pursue a master’s degree, online courses and similar programs are definitely right for you. Find one that you’re interested in and start your journey immediately.

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