Free Family Fun Activity Events with McDonald's #hellogoodtimes

It can be hard to find cheap or even better, free fun things to do in the summer holidays so I am very impressed with McDonald's for organising a nationwide campaign of activities with the simple aim of saying #hellogoodtimes

I took my two youngest into London last week and was delighted to discover our trip coincided with one of the McDonald's events in Windrush Square in Brixton.

pics from McDonald's free family fun day in Brixton #hellogoodtimes

Apart from the fact the children were very excited about heading to the end of a tube line, they are big fans of the restaurant chain and were very much hoping for free food.

And they were not disappointed! The event was not huge but considering it was free we were not complaining. We discovered that if you posed for pictures in the fabulous Photo Booth and were happy to upload your picture to social media using an iPad you could claim a free McFlurry. Happy children (and happy mummy if I'm honest.)

Before you panic at the thought of logging into your social media account from a different device let me tell you, a very friendly chap from the fab team running the event helped us use the iPad and I was pleased to see it was all very secure with a reassuring message telling me I had been logged out of my social media account as soon as the picture uploaded.

Even Grumpy who was a bit hot and tired joined in with the Photo Booth fun (the promise of free ice-cream may have been good motivation) and we were soon holding a print of their pictures and a token to claim a Galaxy Caramel McFlurry each from the McDonald's ice-cream van.
McDonald's Free activity days #hellogoodtimes

Another attraction was a ball pit in which a special red ball with #hellogoodtimes printed on it was hidden. My two dived under all the balls but sadly failed to find the ball which would have won them a small prize. They didn't seem to mind though - I think the opportunity to completely cover themselves in lightweight plastic balls was fun enough for them.

We took the obligatory selfie and listened to the DJ for a while but since it didn't seem like he was going to play any Abba any time soon we decided to head off - happy and slightly sticky from the caramel.

madmumof7 and daughter selfie #hellogoodtimes McDonald's

There are lots more activity days and fun events planned all over the UK for the rest of the summer - check out the website for details of what is going on near you. T's easy to find out what's on near you using a handy search tool. You can just type in your postcode (or the name of the town you might be holidaying in) and a map and list of venues and events will appear.

Activities may vary - ranging from face painting, air guitar, giveaways, ball pits and visits from favourite kids characters.

My two certainly enjoyed the activities on offer and in Brixton lots of people were taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy the music and the lovely atmosphere. I didn't spot any celebs during our visit but I gather in the past Tiny Tempah made a surprise appearance to perform inside one McDonalds Restaurant!

I spotted that there's another event closer to home next week so think it'll make a nice trip out combined with lunch at McDonald's. A nice treat for the children and a break from the constant preparation of meals for me. #hellogoodtimes

McDonald's McFlurry #hellogoodtimes
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