Summer Holiday Memories.

I know some parents approach the summer holidays with dread. It's hard on your pocket and your patience sometimes. My personal bugbear is the constant round of meals to plan and make - it seems one rolls into the next!

 Looking through my photographs from the first week of the holidays I thought it would be a nice exercise to post some of the highlights of our time off school. Children grow so fast and as a mum with older children who have left home I wish in the past I had focussed on remembering the sunny and happy times instead of dwelling on the dull, stressful and rainy days in the summer break.

So, as much for me as anyone else, here's a look back at last week. We didn't do anything earth shattering - a couple of barbecues with friends and family, time in the paddling pool and our new inflatable hot tub and days filled with crafts, computer games, bike riding and Pokemon battling.

We also had a family meal out at Pizza Express (thanks to blogging) and it was DH's birthday. I started a new job and took the children to see my new office (they were very helpful with a PowerPoint presentation I had to edit) and we visited Tring's mad museum - an offshoot of the Natural History Museum stuffed with stuffed animals!

I particularly love the "selfie" pictures I took of myself with the children. With DS#4 heading off to secondary in September and DS#2 in Year 6 I am very aware their time at home with me is slipping away far too quickly.