Gluten Free Bonfire Rice - made with Tilda Limited Edition Aromatic Spices rice.

It can be difficult to get children to eat anything different even if you have offered a variety of textures and flavours from day one. And although I am never going to be a "bento box" mum carving faces into waxed cheese, I do occasionally utilise the novelty factor to make a new dish more interesting to suspicious kids.

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Friday night was one of those nights. Already tired after a busy week I had a variety of people to feed at varying times. With my husband's shifts and children's activities and everyone's social life I sometimes think I should just run a 24-hour buffet.

I had made a fish pie but no-one but me fancied it. That was my husband's late post-work supper  sorted then. Grumpy has been struggling with his sensory issues lately so it was instant noodles (again) for him with some squishy frankfurters.  Yuk.

I decided I really couldn't just bung a pizza in the oven again which is my default Friday option so settled on a quick and easy chicken and rice stir-fry dish for the rest of the children (plus a visiting teenager having a sleepover.)

Cooking with Tilda Aromatic Spices rice

My youngest daughter wanted to help so I let her fry thinly sliced chicken breast with chopped garlic with literally a drop of oil (my ceramic frying pans are great for fat-free frying.

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Then I microwaved two sachets of Tilda Aromatic Spices which is basmati rice infused with fragrant but subtle spices. The rice is gluten free despite the flavourings in the rice. I had a period in my life when I had to follow a gluten free diet so I know it's so nice to be able to include such a flavoursome and easy to prepare ingredient if you follow a gluten free diet.

Tilda limited edition Aromatic Spices rice #AromaticSpices
After pre-heating I tipped the rice into the pan with the chicken and garlic for my daughter to quickly stir fry while I chopped up red and orange peppers to add some colour.

My daughter loves raw peppers and so we came up with the idea of making a rice "bonfire" with the beautiful coloured strips.

It proved a popular move and before long all of the rice was gone. Two sachets serve 4 people but with my teen's big appetite I think I might add another sachet next time to feed four of my children as a main dish. Two would have been fine if I was using the rice as a side dish.

The rice is not spicy and the children said the meal reminded them of Chinese dishes they have eaten before.

From my point of view it was a life-saver. A quick, easy healthy meal which everyone enjoyed. Result!

Bonfire rice #AromaticSpices

Disclaimer: I received two sachets of Tilda Limited Edition Aromatic Spices (RRP £1.59 each) free for the purpose of this honest review. #aromaticspices