PlayStation Showcase- top picks for parents looking for family friendly fun

With a wide age range in my household it can be hard to find activities and entertainment which suits all ages from 8 upwards and with console games I often have to ask "is this game appropriate?" before allowing the children to play.

Playstation controller

 I mostly insist they play in our living room too so I can keep an eye on what they are playing and to ensure that they are safe playing online games which can be a vehicle for bullying or grooming without a good set of e-safety rules and parental supervision.

(If you want a free parent's guide to PlayStation - how to get into gaming, stay safe and have fun you can download one created by Ellie Gibson from Go 8-Bit HERE)

As we approach Christmas I am sure there are lots of parents, friends and family wondering what games they can buy for their children and which ones are best for all age fun.

At a recent PlayStation showcase we got to play some classic games, many of which are particularly suitable for whole family gaming.

Four of my children, aged 8, 10, 11 and 17 sat down together to play Rocket League, a game which my son sums up as "a game where you are a car playing football." Ok then. Whatever, they all seemed to be having a wonderful time playing and chatting excitedly about the on screen action.

family games from Playstation #playstation

Despite the fact that all my children love gaming, I am a complete numpty with any form of controller preferring the high octane thrills provided by solitaire on my phone.

But after a quick lesson I was sucked into Tricky Towers which although simple is completely absorbing- think Tetris but way more exciting! I was delighted that I even managed to beat my son although I think beginners luck had a big part to play in my victory.

Little Big Planet from Playstation

Lego Dimensions, Minecraft and Little Big Planet are all great games for even younger children to play and apart from keeping an eye on screen time, parents can relax knowing there will be no gore.

My daughter particularly like playing Tearaway Unfolded which allowed her to indulge her creativity. She made a fabulous jewelled crown for a squirrel to wear in the game - as you do!

squirrel from Tearaway Unfolded

#playstation #tearawayunfolded #gaming

Finally you can't beat the real classics. I loved chatting with my 8-year-old while he played Ratchet and Clank remembering fondly the days my adult boys (now aged 21 and 22) used to play the game in its early incarnations.

Grumpy playing Ratchet and Clank #playstation

Even though these games carry low age ratings it doesn't mean that older children won't enjoy them too especially if you make gaming a family event like movie night where you can all chat and play together.