Will I ever be brave enough to emigrate?

Married for almost 25 years, all of which have been spent in the same house, we often talk about our dream of moving abroad in the future, to spend our autumn years relaxing in sunnier climes.
A picture taken during our last visit to Cyprus.

 In the past we thought about emigrating for work - when I was a young ambitious journalist I dreamed of a city-based career. I imagined working on a London news desk, for a Parisian magazine or for a nyc company. We looked at Canada and Australia and pondered the US. We stayed put.

In the late 80's I rocked power shoulder pads, worked and played as hard as my male colleagues and never dreamed I would end up being mum to 7 children living in the rural home counties.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely wouldn't change the way my life has turned out (although a higher income and better health would be nice if I am brutally honest) and I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to make our dream of retiring abroad come true.

My husband is very keen. He was born in the house we live in now and has never lived anywhere else. He has travelled extensively and would love to relocate to Cyprus where my mum lives now.

We fell in love with the country when we visited her for the first time and even if she moved back to the UK I think we would continue to holiday there. We have already booked flights to spend our silver wedding anniversary there next May.


We will probably spend our special day on the beach- I love the sea -and end the day eating at our favourite taverna, the Klimataria Taverna in Mandria near Paphos. We know it as "Yianni's" after the owner who still holds court under the grapevine the venue is named after while his adult children do the lion's share of the work.

We often browse estate agent listings, window shopping for our perfect home. We talk about buying a small flat for the children to use when they visit us and debate villa with pool, vs complex with shared pool vs renovated village home.

But will we ever actually do it?

I wonder if I will be able to leave the children, even when they are all grown up. I find it hard enough that my eldest lives an hour and a half drive away. Will I cope with a five hour flight separating me from children and grandchildren?

Gun wharf Quays Portsmouth
A pic taken while visiting my son in Portsmouth

I wonder if I will miss Britain. Chips and curry sauce, snowy country lanes, Christmas UK style, fog... I know I would miss my friends desperately but I am sure I will make new friends abroad and hopefully my old ones will be keen to visit. And on the plus side you can buy tasty watermelons as big as your head in Cyprus for a fraction of the price of here.

Cyprus supermarket

I think what puts me off most is the thought of packing up, the whole rigmarole of legally moving abroad which inevitably will be more complicated from Britain to Europe post Brexit.

I wonder if it will all seem like too much to take on and we will end up taking the safe option, staying here. To be honest here is not at all a bad place to be, so close to London  but with a view of trees to the front and fields at the back.

Only time will tell.