Anki OVERDRIVE. A thrilling battle racing game with Artificial Intelligence. #review

We are always looking for ways our large family can have fun together and after playing this weekend with Anki OVERDRIVE at the fabulous #AnkiChristmas party I think it's safe to say we have found something all ages will love.

OK so Anki OVERDRIVE doesn't really explain what on earth it was we were playing with.

Imagine if you will a cross between Scalextric, Lego and Mario Kart- Anki OVERDRIVE is an intelligent battle-racing game where between 1-4 players can compete with each other or spookily clever vehicles equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Anki OVERDRIVE supercars #ankixmas

You can build tracks, large or small of all shapes and sizes, with bridges, jumps, twists and turns. The pieces of flexible track simply fix together magnetically and you can add to your collection of track with bundles and expansion packs of tracks and/or vehicles.

Going back in time *insert wibbly/wobbly effect and music here* we reviewed the Anki Drive game. We were blown away by it. The only minus points I could mention were the price and the size of the rollout mat which back then held the non-adaptable track.

They've totally fixed the size issue with the customisable track which you can build round any obstacles in any sized space - I've even seen a track built to go down stairs! Transporting it is easier too as the track breaks down into pieces you can store more easily than the original roll-up track.

It's still not a pocket money toy but I think it's totally worth the expense given the level of technology and playability by all ages. My 22 year old son rang me yesterday after spotting on social media that I was testing out the Anki OVERDRIVE and he was as enthusiastic as my 8-year-old about the game.

madmumof7 playing Anki OVERDRIVE

It may be the design of the vehicles. The supercars and the new supertrucks are uber cool.  Each one is  a self-aware robot driven by powerful AI and equipped with deadly strategy. (Let's hope they stay in toy form. I'm not sure I'd want to tackle the M25 with any upscaled versions!)

Each car has a different design and colour scheme. Take "Nuke" for example. The description on the website reads:"Its cool exterior masks its unstable explosive interior, unleashing ultra-high energy blasts from a Fusion Core that simply rips through normal, unsuspecting shields."

That was my son's favourite car!

#AnkiChristmas review NUKE vehicle

I loved the supertrucks which add even more fun to the game. You start off racing your car against the AI truck and using your weapons earned through gameplay you take over the truck and start driving it. My dainty princess showed her core of steel as she was determined to take over that truck -her delight when she managed to was priceless.

Anki OVERDRIVE supertrucks #ankixmas

Anki Supertruck in action #ankixmas

All vehicles are programmed for battle, controlled by your android or iOS device-you can check if yours is compatible HERE. You have a veritable arsenal of weapons at your disposal ranging from plasma cannons to flame throwers. The more you play the more upgrades and items you earn and the better you can fight back against your friends and the AI vehicles.

The Anki OVERDRIVE app handles everything from getting you connected (you do need WiFi to play) to teaching you how to play so you can get going as soon as you have set up the track. The vehicles scan the track before lining themselves up at the start line ready to do battle.

Anki promises continuous software updates so gameplay stays fresh and if you have cars from the older Anki DRIVE system you can play them on the OVERDRIVE track too.

You control Anki OVERDRIVE with android or iOS gadgets

The game proved a huge hit with my five youngest children (aged 8-17) at the #AnkiXmas party at the weekend. I can imagine it would provide hours of entertainment over the Christmas period and beyond with all ages!

You can see the cars and trucks in action in this short video I made at the #AnkiChristmas event at the weekend. 

Disclaimer: My expenses were reimbursed after attending this event - views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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