Remembrance Day respect

crosses for Remembrance Day

I have seen lots of poppy pictures from people wanting to show their respect for the fallen but this simple row of lollipop crosses moved me more somehow.

My daughter who made one of them was desperate for me to walk up the church path to see them in the grounds of the church which is next door to our village (C of E) school.

I actually wanted to just head home on a cold a rainy afternoon but she was so keen for me to see the "surprise" I gave in and went to see.

The crosses lined both sides of the winding pathway just before it reaches the church porch and I found the evidence that all those children had stopped to think about those who gave their lives so many years before their parents or in many cases grandparents were even born very touching.

I am not keen on big displays of nationalism (jingoism) and this simple act of respect and remembrance seemed more beautiful and meaningful to me than any huge orchestrated civic display.

We will remember them....

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