Christmas Tree Reflections. #MySundayPhoto

Outdoor Christmas tree reflected in pond
This is grainy because it was shot at night (obviously!) with an iPhone 6S+ camera from a distance.

I didn't think it would turn out at all but actually I quite like the effect. The big light behind is the security light from the building behind but I think it looks like a lop-sided star-light on the tree.

Apologies to actual photographers who are shuddering in horror at the quality but I thought it was pretty enough to post.

One week to go folks, one week to go.

My week is packed with school and church stuff, and sadly a funeral. It will be a week of tears and laughter- I'm hoping more of the latter than the former.

The funeral I am attending is that of a young, bright, funny, intelligent woman. She hadn't lived in our village very long and I was looking forward to sharing some of our traditions with her. Carols on the village green, our candlelit service of lessons and carols, the school play, our Boxing Day Tug of War over the pond in the picture......everything we do this week will be touched with a hint of "she would've loved this."

Her sudden and unexpected death has reminded me (and it seems, those around me) that life is short. It can be shorter than you expect. Enjoy it to the full, make the most of each moment. Cliches yes but so true.