Hair today...gone tomorrow.

Hair is amazing stuff. It can reflect personality, health, mood, faith, fashion all the time being battered by weather, hobbies, heating air conditioning, styling products and gadgets. I personally have had more styles than a Girl's World Styling doll head.


I started off white blonde, which turned golden blonde as I got older. It was briefly pink then started to turn mousy brown as I spent more time in an office than outdoors. I became a suicide blonde for years (dyed by my own hand) then recently decided to grow old disgracefully and now sport a short cut which is slightly reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog but with more silver-grey than blue.

madmumof7 with son

My husband is years older than me and doesn't have a grey hair on his head. However (I'm hoping he'll forgive me for telling you this) he is receding slightly quite a lot and has now grown a beard to add the illusion of luxuriant hairiness. I'm not keen on bald men so if his hairline goes any further back we might have to look into Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment (a hair transplant) to restore his hairline!

madmumof7 with husband

I know someone who had a hair transplant done in America years ago- he had been a toupee-wearer as he was really quite bald and the treatment results were spectacular. Apparently you can even have your eyebrows done - now that would be useful for me as after years of plucking I have been left with thin, patchy greying brows. Pencilling is OK but I am a forever rubbing my face and end up with smears or no brows at all.

Chatting with friends its funny to realise that most people want different hair. A few of my friends have beautiful naturally curly hair. One of them has glossy chestnut spirals cascading down her back. My hair has always been fine and dead straight. I have spent a fortune trying to get mine to curl with frankly disastrous perms while my friend occasionally has her hair straightened - it never lasts long. 

madmumof7 children

My children are all varying shades of blonde ranging from mousey to strawberry. So far my teenaged daughter has not followed her friends down the dye route - I hope she never does as I love the colour of her hair. My younger daughter has Rapunzel hair which has been the envy of her friends. I dread the day she wants to cut it to a "normal" length.

madmumof7 blonde children

So much emotion and so many events can be tied up with hair (excuse the pun!) I remember having my hair done on my wedding day, the feel of my husband stroking it when I was in labour and having it cut to be easier when my first baby discovered it was fun to yank handfuls out. I have soothed my children through unpleasant hospital experiences stroking their hair and I know nurses often brush the hair of patients who have died so they look their best for grieving families.

Since hair is so important to us it's no wonder we spend a small fortune on haircare. You take it everywhere with you though and it says so much about you I think it's worth every penny spent on it!

madmumof7 short hair

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