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SantaCon London 2016

I dunno. You wait all year for Santa then thousands arrive at once.......

Travelling on the Northern Line yesterday I was amazed to see carriage upon carriage stuffed with Santas, mostly with American accents. I presumed it was a Uni jape but asked the (more than slightly merry) Santa opposite me what the reason was for the influx of FC's and he answered "SantaCon."

Never heard of it but apparently its a global "thing" which started in the States where people dress up as Santa and parade to a fixed point. I gather usually there is sometimes fundraising involved, usually drinking and always lots of red suits and merriment.

Yesterday I read online that in London hundreds of Santa's converged from five start points taking part in what is described as "non-profit, non-political, non-religious and nonsensical" parade.

I for one applaud it - in these times when it's all too easy to be dragged down by world events and the stress of life which can be worse for many at this time of year, it was very nice to smile at several sizzled Santas on the tube.


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