Discount code for Audiopi -audio tutorials for GCSE and A-level students #review

Today was mock GCSE results day for my teenage daughter and I waited all day with bated breath. It was almost as stressful as I know the actual results day will be in the summer as her application to sixth form is being considered now.

Competition to get into her school sixth form is tough and she needs to get good grades and a certain number of points based on grades. It's certainly a lot harder than when I was a sixth former!

Anything that boosts her chance of getting those grades has to be worth a try and so when we were offered the chance to trial Audiopi audio tutorials and educational podcasts for students studying for GCSE or A levels, we jumped at it.

student using Audiopi audio learning scheme

Since she spends most of her time with headphones in her ears anyway we were not surprised to see that she decided to plug herself into her laptop to listen to the tutorials and podcasts delivered by a range of hugely qualified tutors including experienced teachers, academics from leading universities and exam board examiners.

You can pick by subject, exam board or tutor then each tutorial series has between 15-30 tutorials breaking down each core topic into short, sharp informative and entertaining  5-10 minute podcasts with lots of detail, analysis and arguments to use in exams.

Subjects available are historybiologyEnglish literature and language and physics and modules include Great ExpectationsAnimal Farm and Frankenstein in English lit, forces and shapes and momentum in physics, Italy 1896-1943 in history and much much more. There are also exam preparation tutorials

I listened in and was impressed - the podcasts are interesting and delivered in an attractive manner with music and sound effects so there's no danger of dozing off.

My daughter says she enjoys the podcasts and is even looking forward to those marked as "coming soon."

She's listened to podcasts over and over to ensure the information has really sunk in. She tends to use her laptop to access the materials but she could listen using her phone. She basically has access to a whole staffroom of teachers in her pocket!

Obviously you have to pay for the service but there are two ways to buy.

You can buy individual topics for just £1.99 or complete series (e.g. "The Early Tudors" ) for £14.99. To access all tutorials across all available subjects and levels you can buy a subscription for just £5 a month for individuals or £20 for schools who can use them during lessons or even set listening to them as homework.

Audiopi have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount if they enter the code bloglounge in the discount code box on purchase.

Thankfully her mock results today were fine! I'm certainly glad we discovered Audiopi and hopefully the service will help her do well in her real exams so she can get into sixth form in September then she can move onto the A-level tutorials!

Disclaimer: I was offered a free trial of Audiopi for the purpose of this honest review.