Living & Dying.

People keep dying. Well, of course they do- that's the circle of life (try saying that without singing it in your head a la Lion King). But what I mean is, in my life, people seem to be dying more frequently than usual.

No-one very close to me but close enough that it has made me think carefully about the way I live my own life.

To be fair I have always had a bit of a F$&*K IT! mentality. Part of the reason I'm not rich.  You've probably heard the Biblical quote: " Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die."

I water that down to "Eat the cake, drink the Prosecco, laugh like a witch at inappropriate cat memes for tomorrow we may die."

A friend who died recently had the best laugh and the biggest smile you can imagine. She was actually a very serious sort, very academic, very intellectual, very deep thinking. But I saw a glimmer of naughtiness which made me love her on short acquaintance. Even though she was crap at making tea and never ever offered me a piece of cake.

Another woman who recently died was a friend of a friend but through the marvels of Facebook and occasional meetings I felt I knew her. Despite battling cancer she had a strong impressive aim to make every day count. She didn't achieve everything she planned to do before she finally succumbed to the bastard disease but she had a bloody good go at it.

There are others. Some who have lost their lives, others fighting to hold onto it. It makes me feel like hugging those I love close. Life is so......fragile.

So predictable as this post is I am going to come out and say it.

Live your life.

Don't just exist. Don't make 5 year plans. Don't assume you have time.

Let me clarify that. Don't be destructive, selfish, irresponsible. Don't blow the mortgage money on hot pants for your pet squirrel. Don't enjoy your own life to the detriment of others. Don't ignore basic rules of society. Although if you are in fact a serial killer I doubt you will read this and change your lifestyle.

In the words of Muse, "Don't waste time or time will waste you."

Be kind. Be gentle with yourself. Stop using your weight/education/big nose/straight hair/childhood as an excuse to not try stuff.

Mother Theresa apparently said: “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Indeed. Let us begin, let us start now as we mean to go on. Pass the cake.

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