Warner Bros "Storks" Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital Download release. #review

As a mum of 7 children I have to confess that the question "where do babies come from?" has actually NEVER been voiced in my home. Maybe our internal walls are too thin....

We've been asked technical questions about how the baby gets out but since I have had all of my babies via the sunroof (as my dad calls it) via C-section we have avoided any really awkward moments.

Storks movie from Warner Bros

For those of you who are dreading the question from your young children you could delay it by sharing the very wonderful movie Storks with them - OK so they probably won't believe the tale that storks operate a baby and parcel delivery company for long but it might buy you at least some time!

I missed the movie Storks from Warner Bros when it was on at the cinema so was delighted to have the chance to watch it just as it was being released on DVD and digital download last week. Waiting for the screening room to open we caught a few clips on the TV's outside and were laughing watching those even before we took our seats.

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As you'd expect from the studio which brought you the Lego Movie, the film was fab with lots of great characters voiced by some big names like Jennifer Aniston, Kelsey Grammer and Modern Family's Ty Burrell. It had a rollicking action-packed story line which had enough comedy and subtlety to interest the adults while entertaining the children. The movie even has shape shifting wolves which had me in stitches.

There is some mild threat and my youngest son (aged 8 but sensitive) was a bit upset by one part of the film but my 10 and 11 year old children loved it and I have to say on the whole I think it is perfect family viewing.
Warner Bros Preview Theatres London

The DVD has become a firm favourite and I defy anyone to not melt a little bit at all the cute cartoon babies. Parents will almost certainly chuckle wryly at the references to those exhausting first days with a new baby.

Before the screening some of the children there (including my older two) were interviewed about where they thought babies come from - check out the short YouTube video below, it'll give you a laugh.

Disclaimer: I was invited to a special screening of the Storks movie and my children received goody bags. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.