Inspiration for Easter holiday activities from SnapperTime

I am lucky in that although my children LOVE their assorted screens, they also love to go outside, climb trees and explore the forest we are lucky enough to live near.

It's easy enough on sunny days to coax them away from YouTube or Minecraft but I'll admit that rainy days can be harder - it's all too tempting to struggle for ideas and end up leaving them with their electronic babysitters.

 Luckily there's a new website which aims to spark their creativity, ignite their imaginations and have them clamouring for the great outdoors? Perhaps you remember a certain TV show, who’s catchphrase encouraged you to "turn off the goggle box " and are now wishing for something similar for your kids? 

Madmumof7 family in tree

With the Easter holidays just around the corner SnapperTime is packed full of diverse challenges and aims to inspire you and your little adventurers to do fun stuff together. Why not have a go a building a simple Bee Hotel and do your bit to help out our native buzzing eco warriors? Whether your kids want to help nature, construct survival shelters, create works of art or produce tasty treats, there is something for everyone. 


Every challenge is categorised (Arty Farty/Super Science/Great Outdoors/Tasty Treats/Super Hero) and beautifully presented to ensure theyre easy to follow. Each challenge is also clearly marked with a difficulty rating so that you know just what youre taking on (and dont end up with egg or glue everywhere when youve just washed the floor)! Whats more, for every challenge your child completes, they will earn a super shiny digital DoodleCoin which can be exchanged, by you, for a reward’ for the whole family. 

The rewards will be constantly changing so look out for shiny new welly boots, seed balls for the garden, incredible outdoor gear, wholesome tasty treats, bug kits, books, family games, hotel breaks and even adventure holidays! SnapperTime features some amazing brand partners, including National Geographic Kids, Muddy Puddles, Bear Nibbles, Dorset Cereals, Collective Dairy, Mi-Pac, Seedball and The Outdoors Project. 

exploring the beach

SnapperTime also features many well-known children’s characters and the wonderful ‘Going Wild’ books amongst others. The SnapperTime challenges and rewards are guaranteed to get you inspired and create some lasting, money-can’t-buy memories!

SnapperTime is completely free to join and the first 500 to register will receive a limited edition SnapperTime VIP Pack in the post, complete with your very own reward chart & magnet for the fridge. So, what are you waiting for, sign-up now and get rewarded for having more fun with your kids. 

To sign up or for more information visit:

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, just shared as I thought it was a great idea!