Are you ready for this jelly? NEW Ocean Invaders jellyfish experience & news of a VIP behind the scenes event.

It was my younger daughter's birthday recently and she was desperate to revisit the jellyfish at SEA LIFE London's new Ocean Invaders experience where lights and special effects create a wonderful atmosphere to show off these mysterious creatures.

jellyfish #oceaninvaders SEA LIFE London

Once again she was captivated by the array of different species and loved learning lots of facts about them - did you know they don't have brains or eyes and are related to coral and sea urchins?

The new exhibition is interactive, sensory-led and divided in to three areas – ‘Discover’, ‘Understand’ and ‘Wow’- where visitors can observe over 5,000 jellyfish.

If you are a REAL jellyfish fan (like my 21-year-old son who is fascinated by them) I have some exciting news for you!

Jellyfish enthusiasts are invited to a private after-hours evening on Wednesday 3rd May 2017  between 7-9.30pm at SEA LIFE London, where they can enjoy a jellyfish masterclass. 

As well as exploring the aquarium’s newest experience, Ocean Invaders: Enter the World of Jellyfish. visitors will meet SEA LIFE’s in-house experts who will welcome them to the behind-the-scenes area or the so-called ‘jelly-nursery’ zone where teeny, tiny baby jellies are bred (check them out on this shell below) before moving into the Ocean Invaders experience. 

breeding jellyfish SEA LIFE London

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to spend time with SEA LIFE’s Senior Curator James Robson to learn more about the lifecycle of these mesmerising species, and gain an insight into how they survive without having a brain, heart and eyes. 

Aside from leading the SEA LIFE London team of jellyologists to breed more than 10,000 jellyfish on-site, James is also in the process of obtaining a PhD in Jellyfish Swarms and Shark Behaviour.  (very cool!)

jellyfish at SEALIFE London #oceaninvaders

On the night he will be on-hand to talk to guests about how the team take care of such magnificent creatures, what their future in the eco-system looks like, as well as sharing his prediction of the massive jellyfish swarm heading to UK shores this summer…

All profits raised from the event will be donated to the SEA LIFE Trust – a registered charity dedicated to protecting our oceans and the amazing wildlife that calls them home. 

This is the third in a series of events which SEA LIFE London has hosted and will be running throughout the year. A.Q.U.A Nights (Artistic, Quirky, Unusual Activities) will give guests a chance to experience the attraction in a different way and raise money to help protect our incredible oceans.   

To book your place to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at Ocean Invaders, just click  HERE

Jellyfish aside, the aquarium in City Hall, just over Westminster bridge under the London Eye is a great treat for anyone fascinated with salt and freshwater creatures. There are curious fish, scary sharks, seahorses, octopus, rays and  terrapins and even an alligator and penguins. You might even spot Nemo and his famous film friends if you look carefully.

sharks and shark cage at SEALIFE London

Canny visitors will shop around for discounts - has a range of deals on their website for SEA LIFE London (and a range of other attractions and activities in London, other parts of the UK and even overseas) which can bring down costs considerably.

SEA LIFE London is open every day. For opening times, feeding times, prices and more, see

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Disclaimer: We visited SEA LIFE London as guests of  for the purpose of this review.