Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs - review.

My daughter adores anything cute and furry and loves nothing better than a bit of craft fun so I was confident she would enjoy playing with Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs - cute pups you can colour in with extra bits to make accessories for your pup family with.

Fuzzikins Dozy Dog craft set, #review

The box contains three fuzzy dogs - large, medium and small, three felt tip pens to colour them with, felt accessories to make bedding for your pups and full instructions.

Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs craft - from Interplay, review

My ten year old daughter needed no assistance to colour in her pups and make their beds and sleep masks -she did get bit upset however that she only had two colours as one was duplicated in her set of three, and that the pens supplied were very smudgy which she felt ruined her careful art work.

They did stain her fingers too so if you have younger or messier children than my neat-freak child you might want to be on hand with wet wipes which I found cleaned up the smudges on her precious pups.

It does actually warn on the box that although the felt tip pens in the set are washable, they may stain certain surfaces, carpets or fabrics.

Despite the slight issue with the pens, this is another lovely kit from Interplay which proved a big hit with my daughter - it would make a lovely present for boys or girls across a wide age range from 5 onwards.
Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs from Interplay -review

Disclaimer: We received a free Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs kit free for the purpose of writing this review.