Pink hair, don't care. #mysundayphoto

When I was 16 I dyed my hair pink. I dyed my mum's hair pink too which was awkward since we didn't realise that the "temporary" spray dye I'd bought wasn't actually all that temporary. Luckily my school and her work were very understanding!

My teenaged daughter has been asking for a temporary blue dye for a while and I had promised that on the first day of the Easter holidays I would colour it for her.

Buying her dye I spotted a pastel pink wash in/wash out product which I bought, partly out of nostalgia for my own teenaged years but also in the confident knowledge that my part-unicorn younger daughter would love it.

I was right!

She chose the ombre look and to my delight the instructions were so simple I think I did quite a good job of it. What do you think?

Now to see how long it lasts. She has two weeks off school......

pastel pink ombre hair dye


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