Tetley Matcha Super Green Tea #review

It may be a cliche but I am English and I love a cup of tea. Largely I drink what we Brits call "builder's tea" which is fundamentally English Breakfast tea, brewed to be quite strong which I take with milk and sweeteners.

But since discovering I am not terribly tolerant of animal milk I have been trying lots of alternatives including tea and coffee with soya, almond, hazelnut and coconut milk (which thankfully I found was not particularly coconuty) and fruit, mint and green teas.

Recently I discovered Tetley do a Matcha Super Green Tea. Hurrah! Apart from....I will be honest now - I wasn't entirely sure what matcha was.

Tetley Matcha Super Green Tea

Here's what I learned on the inter webs.

"Matcha (抹茶?pronounced [mat.tɕa][i]) is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing. During shaded growth, the plant Camellia sinensis produces more theanine and caffeine. This combination of chemicals is considered to account for the calm energy people might feel from drinking matcha. The powdered form of matcha is consumed differently from tea leaves or tea bags, and is dissolved in a liquid, typically water or milk."

Now Tetley's new Matcha Super Green Tea is a blend of steamed green tea and matcha which contains manganese, known to contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and to normal energy yielding metabolism.

That aside, the teabags, steeped for around 4 minutes make a refreshing tasty cuppa which I drank with no milk but a little drizzle of family-produced Yorkshire honey (thanks Uncle Gerry) for sweetness.

My breastfeeding friend really enjoyed her Tetley Matcha brew too so it's a thumbs up for Tetley's new product from us.

matcha tea with honey

The range also includes Boost, Detox and Immune fruit and green teas so while you're picking up your builder's tea bags you might want to check out what else is on offer to help make your home beverage choices even healthier.

On a final note I was delighted to see that Tetley are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, improving the lives of tea workers and their environment.

Tetley matcha super green tea in Cath Kidston mug

Disclaimer: I received one pack of Tetley Matcha Super Green Tea free for the purpose of this review.