Over thinkers - Stop worrying about money!

I think money is single handedly the biggest stressor in a person's life. I am sure I am not alone in having wasted time and energy in the early hours fretting about making the budget stretch. I know there's a lot more to life than just working to pay the bills but still most people spend some time worrying over who we owe and how do we pay them.  Hopefully some of these tips will help some of you enjoy more of your life without fretting over funds.

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Worst Case Scenario

At night especially our brains instantly go to the dark places where bad things happen that we do not expect. Unexpected bills are the worst. Will the car pass the MOT? Will the washing machine break down?

The stress that the mere thought of these scenarios cause are such a strong force that we stretch ourselves saving for  future fallout. Try creating a money solving mantra that you tell yourself each time you picture an accident or disaster.

The fear of being short on this month's rent will always appear from time to time, but worrying in advance is pointless. The same rule applies when you find yourself trying to guess what is on another's person's mind. You will find yourself going in circles rather than addressing the underlying issues.

If you conclude that mantras do not work and self-help is out of your scope of skills, you may think about contacting a finance specific psychic. Yes - they actually exist! Sharing your obsessive thoughts will help guide your physic adviser who will aim to give you advice. They might offer ways to improve your career prospects. The finance psychic specialist may even tell you if perhaps you would thrive in a different field of work.

Get Physical and not Financial

Overthinkers tend to overthink because they have too much physical energy. Setting up a daily workout routine will not only expel the nervous energy of worrying about finances, but it also keeps your health intact. The knowledge of knowing your body is durable and healthy will also ease the stress of an unexpected illness.

Hiking has dual effects. Not only are you exhausting your body and mind, but you are also getting the much-needed vitamins that the sun provides. Walking is free as long as you have a sturdy pair of shoes, and the exercise will pay back in dividends. I love walking near the ocean - it always calms me.

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Natural, feel-good chemicals are released in your brain during exercise and will provide you with pleasure and distraction rather than the persistent worrying about money.

Whether alone or in a group, take a moment and rather than continuously thinking about the bills piling up, take in the sounds, smells, and scenery around you. You will find that your mind may quiet and you’ll be able to relax in your environment.

Overthinkers’ Solutions

Instead of obsessively refreshing your bank website's page or calling to check your balance, carve out a small space of a minute or so to check your accounts only once a day. 

Leave space in your life for changes. Have a second job in mind so that if the worst case happens at work, you do not find yourself without a job. In doing so, you are also helping to quash invasive thoughts about losing your steady income. (maybe that finance psychic specialist has helped you think about possible new careers!

Learning how to talk about your money worries not only helps, but you may find your partner or spouse has some advice of their own. Share your fears and find solutions together. Two heads are always better than one.

Make controlling your finances easier. Set up your bills to auto-pay and go paperless then hike the nearest mountain trail or along a beach and think of nothing but how beautiful the view is.


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