Pretty Clever Pants -for life little leaks #review

In what seems to be turning into a small series about how to tackle life little leaks today I am going to tell you about some very clever pants which look just like normal knickers but can protect you from bladder, post maternity or period leakage.

Pretty Clever pants

I first came across  Pretty Clever Pants when they were introduced by TV presenter Carol Smillie at Britmums a couple of years ago.

She told us she came up with the idea with the aim of helping teenagers with heavy periods. She was amazed to discover that people started using them for mild incontinence too.

Now the pants are marketed to the 5 million women across the UK who suffer from stress incontinence along with those who worry about leakage during periods and post maternity as a back up in case sanitary products let you down.

The undies do exactly what they say on the box.

They are pretty - I particularly love the baby blue spotted design with its cute bow.

Pretty Clever Pants by Diary Doll

They are clever - they have a secret waterproof panel to catch the leaks, are machine washable, are discreet with no bulk or crackling noise and are super soft.

I found them extremely comfortable. They really do just look like normal knickers so my teenage daughter said she would have no problem wearing them to school, even on PE days.

I wish they'd been around when I was a teen - I can still remember that worry sitting in double maths feeling the leak from my tampon but being unable to leave the lesson to change. The worrying that any leaks might soak through my underwear onto my uniform.

As I approached the menopause my periods got heavier and, speaking to my friends, I know I was not alone wearing both tampons and night time pads yet still getting a degree of leakage if I could not get to a toilet in time.

I swapped to a moon cup which was awesome but remember one occasion when I could not find anywhere to empty it and ended up with the dreaded damp patch on my jeans.

My friend has an anecdote we can all identify with - she had an important interview and wore a pretty summer skirt. Sitting on an antique tapestry chair at her interview she felt that tell-tale tummy tug signalling her imminent period and was completely unable to do anything apart from hope her new boss didn't notice the carnage on the seat or her skirt as she backed out of his office.

These pants would be perfect for those times - weddings, interviews, sports fixtures, first dates when you aren't sure exactly when your period is due giving you enough time to get to the loo whilst catching initial leaks.

They come in a range of sizes: small: UK 6 - 8, medium: UK 10 - 12, large: UK 14 - 16 , X Large: UK 18 - 20 . You can expect to pay around £9.95 a pair and there is a range of colours available. 

You are advised to wear them with your normal sanitary/incontinence protection but they are fine to cope alone with "laughter leaks".

You can buy Pretty Clever Pants from a range on retailers and e-tailers including Boots, Amazon and High Street TV- this site has a 3 for the price of 2 offer on at the moment. (June 2017)

Disclaimer: I received two pairs of Pretty Clever Pants for the purpose of writing this honest review.