Spectacular stay-put LipSense lipstick from Emmaculate Lips UK #review

When I heard about a lipstick which could supposedly stay put all day and which would not leave marks on glasses or cheeks (or anything else for that matter) I have to confess I was slightly sceptical.

I have a couple of "long lasting" lipsticks and they do last longer than "normal" lipsticks but after a few hours or a meal they've generally worn off mostly leaving a tide-line like a thick liner on the outer edge of my lips and I have to re-apply.

LipSense lipstick from Emmaculate Lips UK

 But I know the distributer, Emma from Emmaculate Lips UK, so agreed as a favour to give the LipSense lipstick and gloss a go whilst hoping it wouldn't be too terrible. I really wasn't sure it would stand up to the rigours of my lifestyle.

I tried it first just before leaving for a night at my mate's where I planned to have a drink or two and eat quite a lot of crisps and dip. And hopefully not too much lipstick.

The instructions for the best results with LipSense are quite specific - apply to clean dry lips, three thin coats applying in one direction and leaving to dry in between each coat. Then add gloss.

First coat, trying hard not to do my usual slapdash slop it on all over technique. I won't lie. It was unexpectedly a little bit uncomfortable at first with a stinging/burning sensation. I have had this before with a product designed to make normal lipstick last longer so wasn't too alarmed but messaged Emmaculate Lips UK via the Facebook page just to check I wasn't having an unusual reaction.

Emma, replied very quickly and assured me this was completely normal, would pass quickly, and would probably only happen the first few times I used the lipstick. She was right.

Three coats of Caramel Apple later and I was already rather pleased with the result. The lip colour goes on very smoothly with a neat wand. I added Bougainvillea gloss, again with a little wand applicator, and was extremely pleased with the colour and effect of the two colours combined.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

That's the nice thing about LipSense. There's a wide range of colours of lipstick and gloss and you can mix and match to suit occasion, outfit or mood.

The colour lasted throughout my girly movie night and several bowls of crisps and a fair few drinks. I removed it before bed with a quick swipe of an applicator with special LipSense remover which can also be used to neaten application mistakes.

Well done LipSense. But would it cope, as advertised, with a full day?

The next day I was off into London for a full day - firstly a marketing event with drinks and afternoon tea, then secondly a restaurant review.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

I applied my base and gloss again and set off at 10am on the train into the capital. Out of habit I checked it as we pulled in Euston and it was still perfect.

I had a couple of soft drinks, a cup of tea and some sandwiches and cake at 1pm and checked my makeup again. My mascara was melting a bit in the warm room but my lips looked fresh as the moment I'd applied the LipSense.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

I had a couple of hours to kill until my next job so headed into Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. It was really hot in the shops and carrying heavy bags I felt quite disheveled but a quick glance in the mirrors in store reflected a slightly harassed and pink face with fabulous lipstick.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

I headed to a coffee shop for a Frappe to cool down and destress and although my lip base was still absolutely fine, I decided to re-apply gloss to bring it back to perfect.

Feeling refreshed I headed onto the underground for the rush hour tube ride from hell and was glad to know my lipstick would not smear on anyone as we were at VERY close quarters at times.

Finally off the train I walked to the restaurant. A quick last minute glance into my mirror showed my makeup was still fine with my perfect lips providing a smart and glam look despite the long day I'd already had.

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur of shots, cocktails, eating gorgeous food with fingers, laughing and chatting and a fair bit of "mwah mwah darling" social kissing.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

Nipping to the loo I was no longer surprised to see my lipstick was still in place - another swipe of gloss out of habit as much as anything else tarted it up again and I carried on my fabulous evening confident I looked as good as I'm ever going to with what God has given me to work with. Albeit with slightly squinty eyes after all the cocktails I'd been drinking.

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

Time for the trip home and after two sweaty tube rides and being crammed on the slow train home I limped in feeling exhausted.

My lipstick had fared better than the rest of me looking as fresh as it had when I applied it 13 hours earlier!!!

So where can you buy this amazing product. Well I'd suggest heading to the Emmaculate Lips UK Facebook page where you can even arrange a trial of the shades you fancy using disposable applicators.

Emma is very helpful when it comes to choosing colours - she has tried many of the shades in different combinations herself so knows what works.

So down to the nitty gritty. What does it cost?

The kit of base colour, lip gloss and remover costs £45- the equivalent of £15 each. If that makes you wince bear in mind you need very little and it will last a lot longer than standard lipsticks because you don't have to keep reapplying it.

If like me you like low effort great quality makeup you can wear all day through work and play, this could be one of the best beauty investments you ever make!

madmumof7 tests LipSense lipstick and gloss from Emmaculate Lips UK

Disclaimer: I received three products from the Lipsense range from Emmaculate Lips UK free for the purpose of this honest review.